Disqus is the Latest to Ban Alex Jones!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2018

It’s all coming down on the big guy now.

But his massive form can manage it.

Disqus banned us of course way back when – but after all other social media companies.

So it’s gonna be a domino effect – he is now in a new realm, closer to where we are.

Information Liberation:

Big Tech has declared total war on Alex Jones and free speech just four months before the midterms.

Disqus banned Infowars, Prison Planet, Infowars Europe, Newswars and Alex Jones’s entire network of websites from using their comment system on Tuesday night.

Disqus sent Alex Jones a vague message saying they banned him for being “in violation” of their terms of service.

Jones has now been censored by Apple, Google, Facebook, Spotify, MailChimp and Microsoft’s LinkedIn, with the majority saying they banned him for his speech, which they call “hate.”

The Democrats’ plan for internet censorship leaked last week and it showed they wanted to effectively eliminate all anonymity on the internet and make it extremely difficult for Big Tech sites to make a profit.

Some video game designer guy said the thing.

Though again: they should have said the thing when this happened to me.

But they didn’t.

Because I’m a “Neo-Nazi.”

But no one knows what the fuck that means. At least I don’t.

A Democratic Senator literally praised the shut down and called for more of it.

CNN is openly calling for the app to be banned.

No Russian ever called for silencing supporters of any political party, candidate or official.

Just saying.

Even if they did post memes in support of candidates, one has to acknowledge that calling for supporters of candidates to be silenced is something much more extreme as far as “political meddling” goes.

An organized conspiracy by tech companies, the media and Democratic politicians to silence political opposition is blatantly and obviously breaking all sorts of conspiracy and sedition laws.

The fact that these people are mostly Jews, many of which have dual-citizenship, probably violates the Logan Act.

Man idk.

But more shutdowns are coming.

I hope it reaches the level of domain seizure. Because they will move to Breitbart next. And I don’t think they’ll wait a year like they did between me and Jones.

Remember to support leftist calls to have everything shut down.