Disney’s Jew CEO Admits They Kiked the Goyim with Too Many Star Wars Movies

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 24, 2018

Bob Iger is the evil Jew CEO of Disney who masks his sick kike agenda by exploiting Mickey Mouse and other innocent looking cartoon characters. Do not be fooled by his Jew tricks! 

One of the most evil companies on the planet today is Disney. It is evil because it is run by Jews who have used the company as a vehicle to produce some of the most awful social engineering content imaginable. The company is currently led by the sadistic Jew parasite Bob Iger.

Disney owns numerous brands and mass media properties which include ABC, ESPN, Marvel Studios and LucasFilm. These assets have been used to repeatedly kike the goyim with virulent Jewish propaganda.

Several years ago, they obtained LucasFilm and with it the Star Wars movie franchise. Immediately they began quickly churning out a number of really shitty Star Wars films. So far, this has included two sequels to the original trilogy and the spin-offs Rogue One and Solo.

Even though the first couple of movies performed relatively well at the box office, this was largely due to nostalgia and brand recognition. Solo performed poorly and The Last Jedi was trashed by audiences.

Iger is now admitting that they kiked the goyim by producing too many low-quality Star Wars movies in such a short time period.

The Verge:

Since Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012, it’s gone all out to revitalize the science fiction franchise. But after Solo’s box office numbers came in well under its astronomical expectations, it seems that Disney is going to ease up a bit on the franchise. Disney CEO Bob Iger told The Hollywood Reporter that they did “too much, too fast,” and fans can expect “some slowdown” for the franchise.

Disney has released four films since 2015 — The Force Awakens, Rogue One, The Last Jedi, and Solo — that were a mix of saga films that continued the larger Skywalker storyline. After The Force Awakens blew away box office records and Rogue One performed really well, it seemed like Disney had found a way to just print money, and it was content to release as many films as it could. Last year, Iger indicated that the company was looking at its plans for the next “decade and a half” for the franchise.

But it hasn’t lived up to expectations. The Last Jedi outdid Rogue One, but it didn’t match The Force Awakens’ box office turnout, and while Solo certainly set up the potential for follow-up films, it came in at just under $400 million at the global box office, which is by far the lowest-grossing live-action film of the entire franchise. (The pilot for The Clone Wars did a measly $68 million when it was dumped into theaters.)

So moving forward, Disney is still going to kike the goyim with many more horrible Star Wars movies. They’re just going to slow down the process so that fewer people notice how bad the films are.

Aside from simply poor storytelling, the primary reason all of these Disney Star Wars films have sucked is because they have gone out of their way to include racial diversity and feminist themes in the stories. The idiotic Negro Stormtrooper character along with the empowered womyn heroine in the two sequel films are just a few examples that come to mind.

They even had the Negro Stormtooper guy kiss a fat Asian female in The Last Jedi. It resulted in one of the most uncomfortable and cringe worthy moments in the history of movies.

And people wonder why the film bombed in China. All they have to do is watch this scene to understand why. The average Chinaman is not going to pay good money to watch a movie that shows one of their racial kin engage in bestiality.

The plots of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi were in many ways simple recreations of the original movies but with horribly superficial characters. Developing an original plot with interesting characters was an afterthought. The Jews at Disney were only concerned with generating shekels and cramming as much Jewish propaganda as possible inside the plots. Maintaining the credibility of the brand was not something that factored into their decisions.

What Disney has done to the Star Wars franchise is just another example showing the destructive nature of the Jew. They will destroy anything no matter how iconic or popular, so long as it serves to kike the goyim.