Disney World Promotes Cruel Sodomy on the Front of Its Map

Disney World is now promoting gay anal sodomy on the front of its map for Hollywood Studios.

Sodomy is a sick and cruel practice that should not be promoted by anyone.

If you don’t understand what this is, let me tell you: a man rams his penis into another man’s anus. He has to use lubricant, because the anus is designed only to allow waste to exit the body, and is not intended to have things rammed into it. The man then masturbates his penis using the other man’s anus. When he reaches the point of ejaculation, he then deposits his semen into the other man’s anus, so that the semen gets mixed with the poop. Alternatively, the man may ejaculate into the other man’s mouth, with the other man licking his own feces off of the penis.

The sodomizer spends his entire life doing this with different men. Sometimes, the sodomizer will do it with dozens of men in one single night. Sodomites are responsible for the spread of disease. They also target young boys, because they prefer a young anus to masturbate into.

Walt Disney World is supposed to be a family place.

Why would they promote this?