Disney Releases Trailer for Mulan Remake – Actress is a Monkeyfaced Negro Living in China for Some Reason

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2019

Disney has released its trailer for the remake of Mulan, which they are making as part of their program to redo all of the classic Disney cartoons as live-action films in order to destroy everyone’s childhood memories.

And just like they replaced white Ariel from The Little Mermaid with a negroid, they are also replacing Mulan with a negroid.

The Chinese character of Mulan will be played by black actress Octavia Spencer.

Because after all, Mulan isn’t a true story, so the character can be any race. The fragile Chinese people who are complaining about this are simply weak and pathetic.

This is equal opportunity race replacement – everyone gets BLACKED.

At least this is fair, and Disney is just saying “from now on, everyone is going to be black, because we don’t want to acknowledge that other races exist at all.”

lol, jk.

Mulan will be played by lovely Chinese actress Liu Yifei.

Because according to the Iron Law of race replacement, it is only white people who do not have a right to exist, and thus must be replaced by negroes.

It’s not clear why the Iron Law of race replacement exists at all, and white characters are being replaced by blacks in Disney films, though it is widely suspected that it is because Disney is run by Jews who are obsessed with exterminating the white race.