Disney Channel Introduces Faggotry Between Kids in Show Aimed at Pre-Teens

Daily Stormer
October 27, 2017

This is what kikes are trying to turn your son into

Are you letting your kids watch jewish “entertainment”? If so, not only are you a failure as a parent, but you’re a also a retard.

Daily Caller:

 Disney Channel will introduce a gay storyline between two young boys this Friday when the premiere for the second-season for the popular series “Andi Mack” airs.

The children’s series will show one of its young male characters realizing he might have developed romantic feelings for another young male classmate, according to the Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday.

The series centers around the main character, a 13-year-old girl named Andi Mack, played by Peyton Elizabeth Lee, her unique family situation and her two best friends, Cyrus (Joshua Rush) and Buffy (Sofia Wylie).

I checked out the series –  the core cast is made up entirely of gook girls and jew boys.

 When the season premieres this Friday at 8 p.m. viewers will see Mack trying to sort out her feelings for her friend Jonah, played by Asher Angel. At the same time, her best friend 13-year-old Cyrus realizes he too has feelings for Jonah and shares his thoughts with Buffy.

So tolerant…

Had enough yet?

 According to the report, Buffy’s reaction and the scene are to “serve as a positive role model for both kids and adults.”What follows will be a series of revelations over the next few episodes with Cyrus ultimately this season realizing he is gay and coming to accept that fact.

The only acceptable reaction to someone telling you he’s a faggot is to punch him in the face.

The average viewer’s age for the series is 10 years old.

Stop letting your kids watch this garbage. If a movie, show, video game, book or what have you has any kikes involved in the creative process, there’s only one thing you can do with it – BURN IT!

There is no excuse for paying (((people))) who hate you to brainwash your children into becoming miserable degenerates and actively (often cheerfully) contributing to the destruction of their entire kind.

Disney fought the jews half his life, but after he died it was all over. Disney today is nothing more than a propaganda vehicle for the kikes, just like the alternatives.

Video games are less pozzed on average, and anime is ok despite it’s weirdness. Books written before WWII are almost entirely fine.

But whatever you do, make sure your children stop watching kike entertainment.

There’s nothing more important than that.

Remember – these vermin reproduce through conversion.