Disney Announces New Plans to Piss on Star Wars’ Corpse

I’m not even that big of a Star Wars fan, and this still makes me sad.

One thing that is going to keep running through the apocalypse is the entertainment industry. It’s going to be scaled down, and they’re eventually going to announce that all of it is going to be released exclusively on stream services (which the government is going to subsidize), but it is going to keep flowing. There are a huge number of people who can be kept passive by this stuff, and even those who cannot be kept totally passive by it are at least encouraged to take some time off and watch it for some portion of their day, which is a portion of their day they’re not going to be rioting.

Disney just announced two major new projects for Star Wars, and they already sound awful from the get-go.

The first one is a new movie, which is going to be directed by Taika Waititi, a self-described “Polynesian Jew,” who’s also co-writing the script along with a woman.

No one knew what a Polynesian Jew was. But when they saw this guy’s face, they understood. 

I’m fortunate enough to have never seen anything this creature ever worked on, but judging from the trailer of his last movie, where he played Hitler…

… and from the MSM praise and Oscar nominations it received, I’m gonna assume his Star Wars film is going to be exactly what everyone would assume it was going to be.

No specifics have been announced so far, but I would assume strong womyn, interracial romance and a transgender Wookiee will be the highlights.

The other big project is probably gonna be even worse. It’s a show straight for Disney’s streaming channel that’s helmed by a chubby lesbian, who reportedly wants to make some goofy feminist series in the Star Wars universe.

This woman worked on a bunch of shitty romantic comedies that literally nobody ever heard of, ever, so there’s no logical reason to think she has any kind of talent or capacity to make money. She was, however, Harvey Weinstein’s assistant for a very long time, so she probably has enough blackmail material to never run out of work in the entertainment industry without ever having to figure out how to actually entertain anyone.

This new round of Star Wars is a de facto reboot. After the disaster that was the last trilogy, nothing Disney is making has anything to do with the Skywalkers.

Feminist films in general have had a pretty rough go of it. Captain Marvel made money, but otherwise, it’s hard to think of much. Explicit feminist reboots have fared even worse, with the only one that was even watchable being the recent Invisible Man (written and directed by a man).

This is what happens when you allow Jews to infest your society – they gobble up anything nice you have, and then they turn it into shit, just like they did with Disney itself.

They’re gonna keep doing it no matter how much money they lose, because they hate the goyim more than they love the goyim’s money.

If I were a Star Wars fan, I’d just consider it finished with the Disney takeover, and find some other long-running sci-fi franchise to sperg about.

It’s not like you’re out of stuff to watch or anything.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this post.