Disheveled Slob Boris Johnson Announces Vaxx Will be Mandated to Get Into Anywhere by September

Remember when they were saying that actually, the “Covid passports” would include a caveat for those who were able to present a recent negative test, and that therefore, they were not doing forced vaccination?

Well, Boris Johnson just announced that this loophole will be closed in September, and the only way anyone will be able to get into virtually any public place will be with proof of vaccination.

This was not some decision that was made on the fly. This was always the plan.

What the vaxx pass does is ensure that anyone who submits to it is also submitting to an unlimited number of future shots that they are going to update you on in the future. We have no idea how many there will be or what they will do. We do know that they are talking about large-scale genetic engineering of the population.

It’s just kind of obvious that they are going to start using this regime of injections to completely bio-engineer the global population. Even if the worst theories about the current shot are exaggerated, the future is open for whatever they want to do to you, pretty much without any restrictions.

Everyone needs to understand that: if you sign up for this vaxx, you are signing up for the whole thing – unlimited shots, which could do anything at all.

Clearly, even if the coronavirus does exist, it is largely harmless. It is entirely harmless to the populations they are now trying to inject – healthy young people and children. So there is a conspiracy, in that they are lying to you about the reason for this vaccine.

They do not care about your health. If they cared about your health, they would do something about the food, and about the drugs. They don’t touch these things.

In fact, they actively encourage you to be unhealthy.

You need to think about what the long-term plan for these vaxx is. Because it can’t possibly be good.

There is something very dark and very wicked afoot.

They are at the point where they are attempting to silence anyone who disagrees with the vaxx, and they are now actively moving to demonize the unvaxxed as responsible for the supposed pandemic.

This is going to keep getting weirder and weirder.