Disgusting Yiddish Fiends Launch Full-Scale Assault Against White Boys Attacked by Indian Warband

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2019

Earlier today, I covered the story of the white kids who stood up to the assault by a warband of vicious and ignoble savages.

Now, to the surprise of no one, we have a second assault on these lads by a group of blood-sucking kikes.

Firstly, we need to understand that just like with the Indian wars of old, the whites did not start this.

The situation started with a group of Black Israelites shouting and hating on white people.

Then the Injuns came in to back up the black assault with their disgusting drum.

The Apache Chief was demanding that they all “go back to Europe.”

All the white boys did was stand their ground while being attacked.

But of course – of course – you have Jews blaming the whites, because as whites, it is expected that they should stand down and bow down before any and all brown people that demand it of them.

Look at this kike openly calling for violence against the top lad:

“Wheeler Walker Jr.” does not sound like a Jewish name, says you.

His real name is Benjamin Isaac Hoffman.

The “Wheeler Walker Jr.” identity is a fake country music identity he took on in order to mock the white race.

He’s the most anti-racist white guy you will find, calling for violence against any white man who dares refuse to bow down before a brown person. Because he’s actually Jewish.

The larger Jewish media is not openly calling for violence like that Jew, but they have launched a campaign to dox all of the lads who refused to get down on their knees and suck these brown people.

The Jews are trying to outlaw white male smirking.

The Catholic school that these lads attend has already issued a formal statement denouncing their own students for refusing to get down on their knees and suck this Indian warband.

This small pox blanket survivor literally rushed these kids.

I am only half-joking when I say that they were expected to suck his dick.

What exactly were their options?

To run away?

He was demanding they go back to Europe.

Well, you red fuck – why don’t you make us go back to Europe?

Put your primitive shitty drum away and rally the tribes and start attacking our villages and scalping us.

See how that works out for you.

We should be calling the school and condemning them for attacking their own students this way, who were the victims of a vicious attack by these injuns and Black Israelis.

Here’s their information:

Covington Catholic High School
1600 Dixie Highway
Covington, Kentucky 41011-2797

(859) 491-2247

Website: http://www.covcath.org/

Principal: Mr. Bob Rowe
Email: browe@covcath.org

Call them, email them, tell them how disgusted you are that they would be throwing their own people under the bus after their own people were obviously victimized by these attackers.

Bring up the fact that people are trying to dox high schoolers – and openly threatening them with violence – and that by not defending their own people, they are effectively encouraging violence against them.

This is not a joke.

Call them now and leave a message.

Not an aggressive one, but a firm one, saying that these kids did nothing wrong and you are sickened by their willingness to bow down before an anti-Christian, anti-American mob.


They will respond.

None of these people are used to having the other side call them up and complain.

We have to shift the narrative. We have to make it so that the general public fears a backlash from us more than they fear the backlash from the Jews.

The biggest reason that a random Christian school would surrender like this is because they are so used to pressure coming down on them from the system itself. We have to teach these people that we can do pressure as well.

Beyond calling, you need to fill up comments section and social media with defense of these boys and attacks on the school for condemning them. We have to push to create an air of hostility towards all who would reflexively attack and condemn white people simply for being white.

We can do this. It is within our power. Remember when we got Trump to address the caravan. We have the numbers, meaning we have the power, and we need to start flexing on these people.