Disgusting Perverts Outraged Youtube is Preventing Children From Watching Their Videos

Daily Stormer
March 18, 2017

These perverts are obsessed with brainwashing children.

YouTube is preventing faggots from contaminating the minds of our kids?

Color me surprised.

Though, to be honest, this is probably some sort of software glitch. I mean, YouTube is promoting this stuff on their own channel:


That like/dislike ratio… Maybe they should reconsider pushing this nonsense?

This is backlash from #YouTubeAgeGate, which appears to be designed to remove subscribers from “edgy” (i.e. politically incorrect, i.e. Nazi) YouTubers such as PewDiePie and JonTron. They are citing the fact that these people are using profanity to claim that it’s inappropriate for kids, and deleting their subscribers.

My guess is that some of this “age appropriateness” is based on community metrics and that pervert videos are suffering from normal people flagging them to hell.

The hysteria of these degenerates sure is funny, though.


Anyone who’s ever visited YouTube and ventured into the comments knows that the site struggles with how to deal with offensive content, and now it seems one of its content filtering features might have gone a bit too far. Over the past few days, several LGBT vloggers have accused YouTube of hiding their material through the “Restricted Mode” feature.

Yeah, if trannies are getting censored, then that’s going too far, right? After all, if there’s something we definitely want children exposed to, it’s mentally ill deviants promoting their lifestyle.

Restricted mode is an optional feature that automatically filters content. According to Google, which owns YouTube, they “use community flagging, age-restrictions, and other signals to identify and filter out potentially inappropriate content.” It’s off by default and can be turned on or off on each page, but it can also be locked to prevent changes on that browser.

British YouTuber Rowan Ellis, whose bio states she makes videos about “pop culture from a feminist and queer perspective” and has been posting videos for about two and a half years, posted a video yesterday criticizing YouTube for allowing this to happen:

I have a good suggestion for censorship: any video featuring a slut with problem glasses is automatically set to “restricted.”

Better yet, set up a neural-network AI that auto-detects these glasses (and maybe green hair) and just deletes the videos straight-up. If YouTube wants help on implementing this, they can contact me and I’ll give them a hand.

The video is among those that is hidden in restricted mode, and Gizmodo verified that other channels had LGBT-related videos that disappeared on restricted mode. Other restricted videos include a video of a lesbian couple reading each other their wedding vows.

How does it feel to get your stuff censored, faggots?

This is what we Nazis have to deal with non-stop.

As I’ve said, I’m not optimistic that this system will stay like this for long. But who knows. Maybe they’re afraid of some popular backlash over their constant promotion of moral degeneracy, and are trying to backtrack it a little?

Mhh, probably not.