Disgusting Nogs Steal White Man’s House

Tim hort
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2017

There are two things to take from this story:

1) Blacks will just do whatever the hell they want and whatever the hell they want is probably criminal in nature.

2) Cops are lazy morons who will do absolutely nothing to stop anything until they are publicly shamed on the news.


Countless homes across Philadelphia have been stolen for months at time, taken over by squatters who refuse to leave.

And the frightening thing is lawmakers warn this could happen to anyone who leaves their home vacant, even for a short amount of time.

These groups of criminals break into houses and some even try to extort owners for money in a scheme called “Cash for Keys.”

Action News Troubleshooters tracked down a squatter who fesses up to her illegal involvement and explains just how easy it is for squatters to take over your home.

“If y’all want us to leave now, you have to give us something,” says a masked woman in our undercover video.

The woman behind this mask is Taniesha Diaz, hiding her face after Action News busted her and others living illegally in a Northwood home.

The four bedroom, two bath property has been owned by Matthew Waychoff for 10 years.

“The house was move-in ready,” said Waychoff.

That makes it the perfect place for squatters to move in. Waychoff says neighbors frantically called on him in the middle of the night saying burglars had broken in.

He says the squatters showed police a fake lease and officers refused to throw them out.