Disgusting Gook-Monkey Rapper Dies – Praised as “Pioneer of Freedom” by Jews

Goy Orbison
Daily Stormer
July 14, 2017

Fresh Kid Ice: What does a black/asian mix normally do? Steal your math homework?

When you hear the word “pioneer,” what images come to mind? For most of us, it’s brave men of European stock traversing the untouched wilderness of the American frontier, exploring unknown territory, fighting off savage Indians, and establishing a new home for the betterment of their people.

Images like this:

We didn’t get to where we are by playing patty-cake with these savages.

“Yeah this trail life is tough, but as long as our descendants don’t turn out to be fraidy-cat faggots that surrender everything we struggled for, it’ll be worth it!”

These guys braved the elements. You won’t even go the gym if it’s raining outside.

Pioneer is also a word that makes us think of innovators in important fields like science and medicine; people that have achieved greatness and contributed to the advancement of mankind.

Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh were both pioneers not only in their respective fields – but also in advancing the American public’s understanding of the Jewish problem. God bless these men!

Apparently, the bar for what constitutes a pioneer in the black community is quite a bit lower.

Yes, prayers for the legendary pioneer hero saint musical genius that brought us brilliant masterpieces like “Me So Horny,”  “We Want Some Pussy” and “Face Down, Ass Up.”

This is basically like the nonwhite version of inventing antibiotics or the steam engine.

I’m sure God’s a big fan.

For those fortunate enough to not know who this is, 2 Live Crew was a filthy 80s rap group that was essentially “Muh Dick” in music form. Every song was just ooga-booga’ing about degenerate sex and debauchery and just straight up stupid nigger boom-boom music. And this isn’t me exaggerating because I don’t like blacks. That’s literally all it is.

Truly trailblazing and groundbreaking content from the modern-day boot-lip Beethovens.

They’re most famous for the album above, which gained notoriety for its lewd and depraved content, earning it the legal classification as obscene material and sparking several arrests and court cases.

Now, after reading fellow Daily Stormer writer Ben Garland’s excellent series Merchants of Sin, an in-depth look at Jewish involvement in the pushing of obscenity and filth into mainstream American life, I had a hunch there’d be some kosher collusion involved in these proceedings, as well as invocations of freedom and universal principles. And wouldn’t ya know it, I wasn’t wrong.


That June, U.S. district court Judge Jose Gonzalez ruled the album obscene and illegal to sell. Charles Freeman, a local retailer, was arrested two days later, after selling a copy to an undercover police officer. This was followed by the arrest of three members of The 2 Live Crew after they performed the As Nasty As They Wanna Be album at Club Futura in Hollywood, Florida, hosted by radio personality Tony the Tiger (Ira Wolf) from Power 96 FM; one of the few radio stations in the U.S. that continued airplay while the trial ensued. After international exposure with support from freedom of speech advocates like SCREW magazine’s Al Goldstein and many others, they were acquitted soon after, as professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. testified at their trial in defense of their lyrics.

Ah yes, Al Goldstein: the noble and brave fighter for truth and freedom.

No destructive and morally corrosive agenda here, goyim – we just do it all for the freedoms!


Their manager was Joseph Kolsky, a Jew who despite being “described…as a conservative and prudish person” still managed to represent the vulgar rap group.

It’s almost as if there’s an ulterior motive here.

The lawyers defending the groids were also Jewish.

History Channel:

“Of all the things in this world, sex is the one that all of us do,” said defense attorney Bruce Rogow during closing arguments. “But if you don’t say it quite the right way, you can get in big trouble with the state.”

It’s like an A. Wyatt Mann cartoon come to life: an ape-wrangling attorney with a ski-slope nose and a shit-eating grin.

The following description really sums up just how Hebrew the defense team was:

Writing for The Nation, pseudo-intellectual Christopher Hitchens, an annoying kike that made his bones bashing religion and being a try-hard edgelord, took the totally unpredictable stance of defending the Negroes in the most IN-YOUR-FACE way possible: using curse words and whining about racism.


It’s obvious to this reviewer that the Crew should be left alone, and that their foulmouthed attitude toward the gentler sex is a good-sounding excuse for a youth-hating and surreptitiously bigoted prosecution. I don’t know the private thoughts of Sheriff Nick Navarro of Broward County, but I doubt they are worth a rat’s behind and see no reason why he should sublimate his own vagina-dreading disorders in this expensive and undemocratic fashion. The same applies to the preposterous Judge Jose Gonzalez Jr., who in ruling on Sheriff Navarro’s raid opined that the music appeals to “the loins, not to the intellect.” In fact, I think they are a pair of racist shitheads who should be told to fuck right off.

Sick burn, bro. Now enjoy cancer before you get sent to Hell.

Sensing a shekel-grabbing opportunity, the Jewish head of Atlantic Records secured the rights to release their albums with the help of one of their Jewish attorneys.

LA Times (June 30, 1990):

“When I saw Luther Campbell getting put in the back of a police car after a concert, it was a terrible thing,” said Doug Morris, president of the New York-based record company.

“I think all of us in the industry have been a little late in taking a position on this. So when I heard ‘Banned in the U.S.A.,’ I thought it was such a sensational statement that it was important for a major record label to stand behind Luther and say, ‘We believe in the rights of free speech, too.’ “

Though no details of the contract were announced, a source close to the negotiations described Atlantic’s “multimillion package” as one of the largest ever for an independent label.

“It’s good to see that major corporations are not afraid to defend the First Amendment,” Allen Jacobi, attorney for Campbell’s company, said Friday in a phone interview from his office in Miami. “It’s a brave step for Atlantic.”

Yes, polluting the minds of young people with degenerate niggerfilth is really brave and definitely what the Founding Fathers had in mind with the First Amendment.


“Muh freedoms.”

The lessons that can be taken from this are that in a society dominated by Jews, words (like pioneer, legend, brave, etc.) have no meaning and that anytime a Jew wants to push the bounds of good taste, they will do it in the most egregious and obscene way possible while invoking higher ideals and principles to fool people into going along with it.

So, while this nigger-chink is thankfully dead, the garbage he helped “pioneer” had already set the stage for the non-stop barrage of obscenity that permeates the airwaves today. This is all done to degrade, debase and soften up everyone involved so that we are too demoralized and distracted with sex to put up any effective resistance to ZOG. It’s a downward spiral, but if enough people recognize it, hopefully we can push back and begin cleaning up the mess that our society has become.