Fat Soybeard Destroys Innocent Gook Camwhore’s Life Because He Hates Asian Culture

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 22, 2018

So this fat soybeard, PaymoneyWubby (@paymoneyWubby), found that some gook was doing sexy single mom videos, and was totally outraged.

He successfully managed to get all of this bitch’s channels shut down, cutting off her income stream, presumably forcing her to go work in a factory to feed her children because he was morally outraged by standard gook culture.

New York Post:

This week, YouTube user PaymoneyWubby investigated a number of channels featuring suggestive footage of Asian mothers with their children. Tubefilter reports that these videos, innocuously titled things like “Morning Routine Beautiful Mom and Daughter Cleaning,” the women appear to deliberately show off their underwear as they play with their children or perform regular household tasks. After PaymoneyWubby published his video, titled “Creepy Mom Videos Need to Stop,” YouTube deleted all of the suggestive clips on one particularly active channel, Susu Family, but it hasn’t been able to prevent new videos from popping up on other channels.

According to PaymoneyWubby, the original Susu Family channel uploaded hundreds of videos of mothers performing various everyday activities, including “cleaning,” “making BBQ grill at home,” and even breastfeeding. Each video begins with a warning. “This video is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewrs [sic]. Viewer discretion is advised,” the message reads. As the women in the video tend to their children or wash their cars, they purposefully show off their underwear for extended periods of time, and the camera often stays trained on their panties as they go about the task. “This shit is odd, to say the least,” said PaymoneyWubby in his video.

Wow, dude.

You discovered that gooks engage in bizarre sexual behavior.


This is like the discovery of dinosaurs all over again.

About These People

There is something deeply meaningful here in the difference between this fat soyperson’s response to these sexy mom videos and my own response.

As a virulent racist, my response to these videos is “oh, gooks doing weird gook shit” – this response would be the same as I would respond to it starting to rain with “oh, it’s raining now.”

Never in my life would it cross my mind that I need to stop gooks from doing weird gook shit because their weird gook shit violates my personal value system.

But this individual felt the need to go on a crusade, claiming that this is morally wrong – even going so far as to suggest she is some kind of slave – because it violated his value system, which he assumes is a universal value system.

And that is the thing that is interesting: as the world’s most infamous race-hater, I have precisely zero desire to force my own value system on the entire world. And yet every disgusting liberal believes it is not only their right but their SACRED DUTY to force their own values on the entire world.

It is almost as though people who recognize that there are differences between racial groups are MORE TOLERANT than people who inexplicably claim that every racial group is somehow identical to one another.

Yes, most white people probably find it gross that gooks produce sexually suggestive breast-feeding videos. I personally find that gross. I also find it gross that dogs eat their own vomit. I do not feel a need to inflict my morality on gooks or dogs, however.

Meanwhile, the gooks, I am quite certain, find it gross that the entire white internet is spammed with black-on-white pornography. Most white people – including, I am quite certain, this outraged YouTube fatboy – are okay with that particular situation.

The White Left is made up of sheltered people who know nothing of the world. I have spent much or most of my adult life living among nonwhites. Although I recognize that there are such things as individuals, I absolutely view groups of people as groups of people. I have a positive opinion of some of these groups, a negative opinion of some others and a neutral opinion of the rest, but I can tell you, they are all very different, and they all do things that I would find bizarre if I were to attempt to understand them from the perspective of “everyone on earth is exactly like white people.”

Anyone who traveled the world in a serious way, and actually immersed themselves in foreign cultures, while trying to maintain the frame of “everyone on earth is exactly the same,” would inevitably go insane.

Because yes. Gooks do much weirder things than eating bugs.

Any time I see this sort of liberal outrage over some weird thing happening in some nonwhite country, I think “oh my sweet summer child.”

Child Trafficking, For Example

There is a more extreme example of white liberal saviors getting involved in shit they simply do not understand and attempting to project a moral code that doesn’t exist onto the gook people.

I have written about the adoption industry being a child-trafficking scam. Cambodia was a center of adoption, with the liberal crusader Angelina Jolie buying a child from there.

It turned out that Angelina’s gook baby was not an orphan, but was just a child being sold by its family through a child-trafficking agency.

Protip: there are no “orphans” in Cambodia. A child is a valuable commodity, because it can be used to make money. Asian families are very strong, and every Asian child wants to give money to its parents. At the higher tiers of society, they will go to college, at the lowest tiers, they will go out and beg or sell snacks on the street. No child is ever going to end up in an orphanage, because even if the parents are dead, an aunt or cousin or whatever will take it and feed it rice soup and use it to acquire resources.

However, Cambodia is also the type of place where if you ask a father “how much for that baby?” he will reply, “how much you got?”

So, when Cambodians learned that white people would pay good money for babies, they started businesses that would go to poor families and buy babies to sell to white people. And get this: the government didn’t have any issue with the industry, which they just viewed as legitimate business – until THE SAME WHITE PEOPLE who wanted to buy the kids came to the country and said it was wrong to traffic children.

Imagine the confusion of these gooks: you go there trying to buy babies, then you come in and say it is wrong to sell babies. No white leftist can put themself in that position, because they are projecting their own morality – which, irony of all ironies, is based on Christianity – onto these people.

The entire situation is obscene and exhausting.

I Have Actually Lived Amongst These People

I can tell you a thing or two about Cambodians.


  • Are very friendly
  • Smile constantly
  • Are often violent
  • Live amongst piles of garbage
  • Often walk around completely naked on the streets of large cities
  • Are extremely religious
  • Are usually kind and generous
  • Have de facto legalized marijuana
  • Have a significant Moslem minority which no one can explain from whence it came (look at a map – the nearest Moslem populations are Bangladesh and far Southern Thailand)
  • Are generally very honest in business dealings (even the motorcycle taxi drivers, if you let them know you’re not a casual)
  • Will take their kids to work with them at the brothel (literal daycare room in the brothel, or kids just running around in the halls)
  • Are the only people to have successfully implemented true communism
  • Killed a third of their population while implementing true communism
  • Are not aware of the massive war which killed a third of their population if they were born after it ended
  • Will describe the war as “fun” if they fought in it
  • Do nice cultural dances
  • Will arrest white people for doing degenerate, disrespectful dances in their country
  • View respectfulness as the single highest virtue
  • Have nice, pretty Buddhist temples
  • Have very nice religious festivals every month
  • Will sell their own children at the right price

Furthermore, they are all aware that they are these things and are not uncomfortable with any of it.

I do not judge any of that. I say: “well, I guess that’s just what these people’s thing is and that ain’t none of my business.”

A white liberal cannot comprehend that all of these things I listed could be simultaneously true, and that literally no one in the country is bothered by the fact that all of these things are simultaneously true. To the White Left, the only thing that is different about them is their pretty dresses and dances.

Everything else – all of the stuff that they cannot comprehend – needs to be fixed. By them. The saviors of the world.

I know less about Vietnamese, but they are more like the Chinese (so I gather much more organized with stricter taboos). But the fact that they enjoy watching sexy videos of a mother with her children registers a zero on my surprise meter and a zero on my moral judgement meter.

The Bigger Issue at Hand

With destroying some random Vietnamese camwhore’s life or trafficking Cambodian children, it’s kind of like “okay, this seems unnecessary, but whatever.”

But then these people go and apply this same type of logic in their mass-immigration agenda.

Just as they cannot understand that gooks do weird things, because they cannot imagine anything exists outside of their own sheltered reality bubble, they cannot imagine that Moslems are literally planning to conquer white countries and convert them into Islamic countries, with the native population being forced to assimilate or be enslaved.

They cannot imagine that every single Moslem male walking into Europe dreams of white sex slaves and/or white little boy sex dancers.

They cannot imagine that Moslems universally see the Moslem mayor of London as a symbol of their ongoing conquest.

They cannot imagine that the so-called “grooming gangs” are simply a phenomenon of a conquering people claiming the young females of the conquered as the spoils of war.

White people would not pretend to be war refugees so they could march an army into someone else’s country and take it over, so they assume that Moslems wouldn’t do that.

In fact, they would.

And they are.

You see this phenomenon in its most egregious form when these lunatics try to explain that terrorist attacks are “not real Islam.”

Because in their minds, it cannot be real Islam, because real Islam must be the same thing as white values, because all people on earth are the same. And when they say “the same,” they mean “the same as us, white people.”

If you point out that approximately 95% of Moslems in both Britain and France will openly admit to supporting ISIS when asked in a poll over the phone, they will simply shut down. The information will not register in their brains.

Liberals are a privileged class of sheltered, self-righteous, narcissistic children who genuinely believe it is their divine mandate to save the entire world from itself, and they don’t care if they have to destroy the entire world to do it.

This is the Frustration

The dire frustration I feel in this situation is from the fact that there will never be any discussion of anything I’ve written here.

The fatboy from YouTube will not respond, although I’m quite certain he’ll see this article.

There is never any discussion of any of this. I am simply labeled evil and then these people go around chanting meaningless, inane, nonsensical slogans over and over again.

The reason that I am the most censored person in history is because I am currently the most reasonable person alive (who is also willing to destroy his own life completely by stating obvious facts). Everything I’m saying is obvious and self-explanatory. There is no great mystery to be solved here. It’s all very straightforward, and could be grasped easily by any 7-year-old.

What makes it so much worse is that most people on the right are unwilling to understand these things. They have their own stupid slogans and entire set of nonsense, which in fact overlaps more with the delusions of the White Left than objective reality.

Most of them would not accept “nevermind, it’s just some weird gook thing” as an explanation for sexy mom videos. They too would insist on projecting Western moral standards onto that.

Because this salvation complex is an ongoing thing with white people. It is a moral imperative. The colonial period was not any different than the modern UNESCO agenda – an attempt to bring white standards to people viewed as savages. This is some kind of deeply-rooted characteristic psychological need of white people, which could only be overcome with objective facts.