Disgusting Fat Girls Whine and Snort Over “Fat Girl” Costumes at Walmart

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2014

Fat girls are beautiful because of their personalities, college degrees and careers.  Don't you know that, goyim?
Fat girls are beautiful because of their personalities, college degrees and careers. Don’t you know that, goyim?

Though feminists are the worst part of the social justice agenda, with Blacks coming in a close second, the single most ridiculous aspect of the agenda is that of normalizing fatness.  They call it “fat acceptance” – the idea that fat people should not be encouraged to become fit, and should instead be praised for their bravery in embracing their personal weakness and lowering the quality of our society.  This is, of course, as aspect of the feminist agenda, given that women now have sexual selection rights and thus no need to be in any way presentable and only an evil patriarch would dare imply that they should care about their appearance.

Because after all, it’s her personality that matters, right guys?  I know that whenever I’m looking at a woman on the street, the first thing that comes to my mind is “I wonder what college she went to and what grades she received in her various courses?  I wonder what her future career plans are?  I wonder what type of political opinions she holds on the various issues of our time?”

Sorry ladies.  Not the way it works.  Men care about two things when looking at women, and they both start with the letter “b.”  We do not like either of them sagging and fat.  But it doesn’t really matter, because we are no longer permitted to be involved in the process of sexual selection, and must so take any lumbering blob who wanders upon us and takes a fancy, or just stay home and jack-off.

Walmart is now in hot water for selling Halloween costumes for “fat girls.”  Because labelling fat girls as “fat girls” could potentially lead not only to hurt feelings among the ruling sex, but also potentially lead to men refusing to entertain fat women based on the ridiculousness of their intrinsic nature.

Fat girls everywhere were outraged at the idea of someone mentioning that some girls are fat.

Should I laugh or cry?
Should I laugh or cry?

The feminist mafia of Jezebel was responsible for organizing a people’s militia of disgruntled fat women to attack the mild-mannered retailer for having the nerve to call fatty fat fats what they are: fat.

They’re lucky I don’t own Walmart, because I wouldn’t even sell clothing for fat people or even let them in the store (that would extend to the parking lot as well).  The only fat girl costumes I would have would be t-shirts for men which read “no fat chicks.”