Disgusting Boomer Destroys Beautiful Butterfly Habitat With His Lawn Mower

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2018

There is no definitive proof yet whether a boomer did it or not.

But I ask you, if you hear about a convenience store getting robbed, who do you think of?

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And when you hear about blase disregard for nature and an instinctive drive to ruin nice things, you immediately think of boomers.

The Independent:

A council worker has mowed a meadow being monitored for a wildlife project spearheaded by David Attenborough, destroying the wildflowers that grew there.

The site, in Sidmouth in Devon, was home to eight different species of butterfly surveyed as part of the Big Butterfly Count.

But an East Devon District Council (EDDC) employee tasked with cutting a pathway from a car park to the gate accidentally cut nine acres of the meadow. The local authority has apologised for the blunder.

Ed Dolphin, who had been counting butterflies for the national survey, said he was “horrified” to discover the destruction of the habitat.

“It wasn’t just the number but the sheer variety of butterflies there — at least eight different sorts. The day after there was just one: a good old cabbage white.

“It’s tidy, but it’s more like a desert. Mowing it when they did and leaving the cuttings on is going to mean fewer wildflowers next time.”

Butterfly species that had been seen there included holly blues, ringlets, commas, marbled whites, peacocks and painted ladies.

Mr Dolphin continued: “I don’t know how long it will take to recover.

Why can’t people just leave well enough alone?

What is this busybody instinct that some people have to constantly fidget around, complain and go about trying to “improve” things.

Fucking let a meadow lie. Let the butterflies do their thing. Why you gotta mow it down? Are you just bored?

Reminds me of that song.

Think about all the shitty strip malls that the boomers put up everywhere. They made America ugly. 

And I mean really ugly.

Other than the beautiful wilds of North America that has managed to be preserved, there’s just these blighted, ugly paved parking lots and strip malls as far as the eye can see.

Everyone just needs to chill the fuck out and leave well enough alone.