Disgraced Nazi Lesbian Former Congressskank Katie Hill Says She Probably has Coronavirus

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 17, 2020


Remember Katie Hill?

I’m sure you could never forget this photo:


By the way – trigger warning on that.

I tell you guys not to masturbate and here I am getting you all worked up with that sweet piece of 30-year-old ass.

Don’t ever let a misogynist kike tell you that older women are not superior to younger women. Misogynist kikes and misogynist kike shills are just angry that they have to date teenage girls, because a ripened beauty like Katie Hill won’t give them the time of day because they’re manlet incels.

Katie got famous a while back when she was having some sort of bisexual threesome relationship with an aide, which was considered unethical because the aide was a subordinate (must have been “third-degree rape”).

She was forced to resign from Congress (which in my opinion was the real third-degree rape). Then she came back on TV and was saying she did nothing wrong.

Anyway, this sweet piece of fine ripe ass is saying she’s got third-degree raped Coronavirus.

New York Post:

Former “throuple” Rep. Katie Hill says she has been “exposed” to the coronavirus — and is showing all the symptoms of being sick from the potentially deadly disease.

“I was exposed to COVID-19. Here’s what happened,” wrote the former California congresswoman, who resigned in October under the intense spotlight on her three-way relationship with her husband and a female staffer.

“My dad found out Saturday afternoon that he’d spent a lot of time with a person who tested positive for COVID-19,” she wrote in a three-tweet thread online.

“I was exposed to my dad, but I could have been way before that too… we will never know,” she wrote.

The former pol insisted that she is showing all the classic signs of having the disease.

“I have had a dry cough, shortness of breath, & a fever since Saturday,” she wrote.

Hill did not say whether she has been tested — but spent most of her tweets attacking the government response, suggesting the pandemic is more widespread in the US than currently known.

“Despite what the administration is saying, tests are still in such short supply that public health departments are directing doctors to only test in very specific incidences,” she wrote.

She gave a three-point summary to her messages, saying, “1) we’re not testing enough ppl to know how big this thing is; 2) if you think you’re in the clear, you’re not; 3) our healthcare system is about to be dangerously overloaded & only we can save it so #StayTheF–kHome.”


Stay the “f” home?

Is she a Russian agent?

Because this is exactly what the Russian hackers have been saying.

Okay, So All of These Famous People are Getting This, Allegedly…

Also, a Game of Thrones actor, Kristofer Hivju, was just announced to be positive.

And James Bond.

But do you know anyone who has it?

It’s kinda weird, no? That so many famous people have it but no one else seems to have it?

What is going on with that?

Katie Hill’s brother just died last month, apparently of a drug overdose. But they said “we don’t rule out foul play.”

Weird coincidence, that this bitch is constantly in the news and now she’s up there with this virus?

A running conspiracy theory all over the internet is that Coronavirus is a hoax.

We also have people spamming a conspiracy theory that is obviously retarded about how Harvey Weinstein made a deal to get only 23 years in prison instead of 55 in exchange for giving up the names of pedophiles, and that Tom Hanks is a pedophile and is now in custody of the Australian authorities and they are making him fake like he has Coronavirus.

Anyway, whatever – this is just some kind of loony schizoid gibberish.

That said: why is this schizoid gibberish being spammed everywhere? Usually, when you see a dumb conspiracy being heavily promoted, it is actually covering up a better conspiracy that might be closer to the truth.

Have you seen that Sheriff Clarke is out there saying that the virus is a hoax? Like that it doesn’t even real?

He’s even blaming “Soros,” which is a boomer codeword for “the Jews.”

So, how does the sweet piece of ripe ass Katie Hill, her dead brother, the fact that only famous people get this disease, a dumb conspiracy theory about the deep state moving to quash elite pedophile rings, and Sheriff Clarke saying this is a Jew hoax all fit together?

No idea.

Pretty much, I just want to put this all out there and let you know that it’s quite possible something weird could be going on with all of this business.

Don’t rush into some dumb schizo theory. Definitely don’t do that. But examine information critically.