Diseased Rats Sentence 95-Year-Old Man to Five Years in Prison for Committing a Fake Holocaust

Daily Stormer
June 18, 2016


This is the face of pure evil, goyim

As everyone is learning to hate the Jews once more, and as their Holocaust fable is coming apart at the seams because of the information available on the internet, they continue to persecute innocent Germans for imaginary crimes.

It’s insane that we’re allowing these parasites to usurp our legal system to put elderly war veterans in jail, when by all measures they are heroes who deserve honor and respect.

AOL News:

A 94-year-old former Auschwitz guard was convicted on Friday of being an accessory to the murder of at least 170,000 people, at the end of what is likely to be one of Germany’s last Holocaust trials.

Reinhold Hanning was sentenced to five years’ jail for facilitating the slaughter at the concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Are you still butthurt you kikes never won against the Auschwitz guards in the camp soccer league?


Maybe they’re angry the swimming pool wasn’t big enough?

The nearly four-month long trial included testimony from around a dozen Holocaust survivors, many of them extremely elderly, who detailed their horrific experiences, recalling piles of bodies and the smell of burnt flesh in the death camp.

The defense had said Hanning should be acquitted as the former SS officer had personally never killed, beaten or abused anyone.

How are they always finding all these witnesses who survived the so-called “extermination camps?” It’s almost as if they were just work camps. But a Jew said otherwise, so it must be true.

Pushing the truth about the holocaust is one of the key aspects of this meme war. The holocaust is the Jew’s most powerful meme, and they use it to guilt Whites and make them fear everything the Jews don’t like.

But it’s such a weak lie. So easy to dismantle. That’s why they have to defend it with such dirty methods.

No one is buying this crap anymore.

But the effectiveness is already weakening quickly. Soon holocaust denial will be mainstream, and the Jews will have much to answer for.