DISAVOW NOW! UKIP in Trouble for “Anti-Semitic” Ties with Alex Jones

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 6, 2018

If I’m honest, I do take a little bit of savage pleasure in people avoiding the JQ and still getting nailed to the wall.


British Jewish groups have accused UKIP of indulging in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories through its links with Alex Jones’ right-wing website, Infowars, calling on the party to disassociate itself from the “vile” website.

Guilt by association, goy!

The calls come in the wake of pipe bomb plots that targeted 14 high profile figures in the US including billionaire investor George Soros, and the Pittsburgh synagogue attack that saw 11 people killed and 7 injured – with Infowars being accused of “propagating conspiracy theories and dog whistle anti-Semitism” over the incidents, The Guardian reports.

Yeah, see, all that equivocating and dancing around the truth didn’t save Alex.

Listen to the Jew snicker and refuse to believe that Alex isn’t anti-semitic.

And now it won’t save UKIP either.

One of UKIP’s latest high profile recruits is Infowars’ editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson. Watson was one of three eye-catching Youtube personalities signed up by UKIP leader Gerard Batten in June this year, to breathe new life and attract a younger demographic into the right wing party. 

The other two must be Sargon and the Pug guy.

The three are seen here meeting up and… well, I’ll let your imagination fill in the blanks for you.

Jewish organisations hit out at UKIP’s apparent links with Jones’ website. A spokesman for the Board of Deputies of British Jews called on the party to expel any members found indulging in anti-Semitic conspiracies.

“We call on the party leadership to publicly and unequivocally disassociate themselves from these views and to expel any members who are found to hold them,” he said.

Another Jewish group, the Community Security Trust, has lamented how “anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories” have seeped into mainstream politics, saying that it “encourages hatred and undermines democracy.”

“Rather than shunning these dangers, UKIP appears to be embracing them,” the group said.

Infowars regularly attacks Soros for being a “globalist,” and has recently claimed he along with the UN is responsible for the migrant caravan currently marching towards the US border. Jones, who has been accused of peddling conspiracy theories has also argued that the bomb plot was a “false flag” event.

Commenting on the Pittsburgh synagogue murders in October, Jones said the attack could have been initiated by “the deep state.” He claimed the government could have been “planning with groups they control to stage terror attacks” before the US midterm elections.

UKIP’s links with Infowars through Watson has prompted renewed concerns regarding the direction of the UK’s fourth-biggest party – going by polling numbers, which has lurched further right under Batten, with an emphasis on Islam.

Yes, Jews whining is no big shocker. They’re crossing the ocean with their synagogue shootout tears to try and bring down UKIP.

But to be fair: hiring Sargon and PJW was a terrible idea. 

You’re just asking for your party to get overrun by cringe-lords.

What is it about Boomers that they always max out on the cringe factor whenever they make youth reach out efforts?

Whether it’s Christian groups or Young Republicans or UKIP, apparently.

Meanwhile, the Jewish record labels have it down to a science. 

So yeah, this youth reach out thing was doomed to failure when you use people that most kids call fags and homos on the internets like PJW and Sargon.


Alex Jones though…

I have to admit that I grudgingly do like AJ. 

His over-the-top buffoonery is god-tier and heartfelt, imho.

Like he could be normal (unlike the Youtube cringe-lords) if he wanted to. But he puts on a good show for us, the fans, who he loves and who he plies with snake oil penis supplements, that he makes very little effort to even pretend work.

I see it as a big joke, personally. A big nudge-nudge, wink-wink, and I can appreciate that. 

Plus he’s more hardcore than anyone in the Septic (TM), Liberalist (TM), Youtube E-Celeb Drama-Right community.

He is a human piece of art.

I hope I’m wrong, but I bet Alex gets banned from traveling to the UK soon. 

UKIP is going to cave!