Disabled White Senior Citizens Attacked by Negroes

Modern Heretic
October 1, 2015

Another forgotten victim.

I often wonder what it will be like growing old in whatever vile ruin replaces the rotting corpse of the U.S.S.A. What will it be like being a hated minority in my own country, being surrounded by violent and moronic tar-complected animals that want me and everyone I care about dead? We can draw some insight into the dark future from today’s story.

It’s a senseless and brutal crime directed at the most helpless available victims, it’s a clear illustration of what will remain if we lose, if the jewish enemy and the multi-cult doom it promotes is not replaced with a White Nation. If I ever had second thoughts about why I fight the encroaching darkness a story like this would banish them forever.

Stone age creature unleashed by the jew.


A couple  is recovering after they were beaten and robbed in a Henrico home invasion. Nine days have passed since James Costello, 79,  and Sharon Fusco, 70, were victimized inside their Elfstone Lane home, off Mechanicsville Turnpike.

You might recall the national news coverage, the presidential address complete with fake tears, the calls for new legislation to control the dangerous animals turned loose in our midst. Or you might not, since none of that happened. It’s just elderly and defenseless Whites being mauled by Obama’s kids, go back to your negro ball and your la-teen-oh month celebrations. Nothing to see here, now work hard so your tax dollars can fund more of this.

“They took $700 and some,” said Costello.  “It was my rent money.”

The real-life negro is a little different than the ones on the electronic synagogue.

The two victims are not only senior citizens: one is bed-ridden, the other’s in a wheelchair.

Targeting the weak and helpless, the coward’s courage of the living dog shit. They don’t care if you voted for the mulatto or if you worked hard your entire life to fund ill-conceived “more needs to be done” programs. They want us dead.

“He threw me out of my wheelchair onto the floor and beat the hell out of me,” said Costello. “Then he pulled my shirt and ripped it and took and took the money out of my pocket.”

The content of their character. Deportation is the only solution.

Police identified 32-year-old Howard Curtis Willis as one of the suspects.  He and a second man are still at large.

It takes multiple negroes to batter a 79-year-old White man in a wheelchair. These are the worthless two-legged vermin the jew insists are our equals. This is why you need to be armed.

“Make sure you keep your doors locked because in this case the door was unlocked,” said Henrico Police spokesman Lt. Chris Eley.

Cower behind locked doors, hope it keeps out the non-White garbage.

Police said Willis frequents the Gilpin Court housing projects, but so far officers haven’t been able to track him down.

No arrests were made.

Costello and Fusco said they’re able to keep “in the know” about their case because Willis is related to someone who provides in-home care to Fusco.

Obviously, or maybe not to whoever wrote this article, the negro “caregiver” set up this “robbery gone wrong.” Let in the mythical “one good one,” what could possibly go wrong?

Fusco said she was worried that the men had seriously hurt Costello as they tossed him from his wheelchair.  Physically, Costello said the pain has subsided.  But expressed a desire to move because emotionally, they’re nervous, and unable to fight intruders off.

More forgotten victims, more broken lives. We must keep paying, keep groveling, keep appeasing a failed race that has no place in a civilized nation. Had enough yet?

Costello is also worried how he will pay this month’s rent.

White privilege.