Disabled White Man and Partner Forced to Live in Cave by Housing Association

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
October 29, 2014

Mr Logan and his partner Elaine had to use public bathrooms to wash themselves and use the toilet.

While irresponsible brute beasts from Africa are being given free housing at posh hotels while they wait for a new council house, White disabled builder Cameron Logan and his partner Elaine have been forced to live in a Scottish cave for the last five months.

They were kicked out of his one bedroom flat by the housing association because he allowed Elaine to spend the night there, since she herself had nowhere else to go, now that all the homeless charities concentrate on finding shelter for the endless flood of foreigners before they think about anyone White.

Daily Mail:

The former construction worker, who relies on crutches to walk, said living in the 15ft wide cave left him at his ‘lowest ebb’ as he struggled with the cold and wet conditions.’In this day and age, having to live in a cave is just not right. I’m amazed we survived,’ he said.

‘Two people don’t deserve to have to live in a cave. It was only our love for one another that kept us going after everyone else let us down.’

Mr Logan was a resident at Ross House homeless accommodation in Oban for more than two years prior to his ordeal.

But after breaching the terms of his tenancy by offering Elaine – who herself was sleeping rough – shelter in his one-bedroom apartment, the pair were kicked out, according to Mr Logan.

They were forced to live in this cave, as there was nowhere else to go.

With no other places available that had not already been given to foreigners, the only safe option they could think of was a cave that they knew of overlooking Oban bay.

‘I’ve always been from the area so I knew the cave was there,’ said Mr Logan.

‘It was all we had and our only option – the only place we could go if we hoped to survive. We slept in sleeping bags with our heads poking out of the front of the cave.

‘We found some wooden panels which we used to sit on and we were given some rugs too, to keep us warm.

‘But it was so uncomfortable. Just imagine yourself what it’s like sleeping in a cave every night.

‘As well as the problems I have with my legs, I’ve got depression too.

‘Both were made so much worse by living in that cave and I found myself turning to alcohol more than ever before. Life in the cave left me at my lowest point.’

This is what White people have been reduced to in modern Britain.

This is where listening to the Jews has got us.

We should never be housing foreigners while we have our own people homeless.

Not until every White person has a home and a job should we even be contemplating having anyone else on our soil.

Cameron Logan who relies on crutches to walk, said living in the 15ft wide cave left him at his ‘lowest ebb’ as he struggled with the cold and wet conditions.