Dirty Snitches Rat Out Their Daughter to Cops for Having Pipe Bomb Collection

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2019

America really has a huge problem with snitches these days.

Just a few days ago, rapper (or whatever he does) Tekashi 69 was caught snitching. Even the kikes of the New York Times were disgusted with him for squealing like a pig.

And now, we have this disgusting story about parents snitching on their own daughter.

Fox News:

A Wimauma woman was arrested early Friday morning after her parents found a “significant” amount of pipe bombs in her bedroom, the sheriff announced.

Investigators said the parents of 27-year-old Michelle Louise Kolts called them after the discovery. The sheriff’s office bomb squad responded and found two dozen pipe bombs, smokeless pistol powder, fused material, 23 different knives, two hatchets, nunchucks, two BB pellet-type rifles, six BB pellet-type handguns, and dozens of books and DVDs about murder, mass killings, bomb-making and domestic terrorism.

Is that any reason to rat out your own daughter?

Though to be fair, she does belong in the slammer for sporting that haircut.

I mean, if I looked like that, I’d probably be collecting pipe bombs and… nunchucks, as well. And aren’t the parents just as guilty, for letting her go around with such terrible posture and manly haircut?

Who’s the real criminal here?

“It would’ve taken less than 60 seconds per device to add the powder-infused material she already possessed to detonate each bomb. If used, these bombs could’ve caused catastrophic damage and harm to hundreds, even thousands of people,” he said during a press conference.

Chronister said deputies found her at her job, and she returned home. They said she admitted to making the pipe bombs and planned to use them to hurt people. She didn’t specify how and where she wanted to detonate them, the sheriff added.

“We’re not aware of any type of hit list,” he said. “Her statements are very generic.”

The only other time deputies responded to the Wimauma home was in August 2018, after an online printing company alerted them that Kolts requested several manifests on anarchists and making bombs.

“She became consumed with the Columbine and Oklahoma killings,” Chronister explained. “At that time, she wasn’t diagnosed with any type of mental health diagnosis at the time. She stated, at that time, her intentions were not to harm anyone. Her parents said she was a little on the autism spectrum.”

He said in 2018, deputies felt comfortable that she wasn’t a harm to herself or others.

Pipe bombs are no joke.

And I’m speaking from experience here – I’ve blown up countless aliens with them over the course of my childhood.

But seriously, the real story here is that once again, law enforcement agents seem both unwilling and unable to use their enormous resources to actually prevent any of these mass murders. This crazy bitch was already investigated by the cops after ordering bomb-making materials last year, and they just kind of let her go, apparently without any supervision.

If her parents hadn’t snitched her out, there is no indication that law enforcement would have done anything to stop her eventual spree.

We’re seeing this over and over again with all these mass murders – the perpetrators are always vaguely on law enforcement’s radar, yet nothing is done.

The generous explanation for this is that the feds are too busy infiltrating White nationalist and anarchist groups to bother following up on actual violent terrorists. This is probably part of the explanation one way or the other.

The slightly less generous interpretation is that they’re letting these things happen on purpose even if they know about them, because these murders are always very politically profitable in cracking down on White people.

And although I don’t like going into conspiracy territory, there’s an obvious, even darker possibility: that the feds are actively grooming crazies in order to manufacture more high-profile shootings and terrorist acts, in order to facilitate the implementation of gun control laws, more invasive surveillance regulations and expanded budgets for law enforcement agencies of all kinds.

Either way, it’s something to think about.