DIRKED: Charlie Kirk Gets Gang Raped by Master Race Groypers Yet Again

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 25, 2019

I would like to announce that I’ve begun production on a documentary film called “DIRKED: The Charlie Kirk Story,” which will be about Charlie Kirk getting raped by Groypers everywhere he goes.

Last night at the University of New Hampshire, Kirk appeared with a conspicuously drunk Rand Paul for another one of his stupid speeches. And he was hit with the most difficult questions yet.

It was actually brutal. In fact, it was disgusting and humiliating, to the point where I believe it would be appropriate for the name of this tour to be changed from “Culture War” to “Facial Abuse.”

Rand Paul, appearing in a fleece vest that looks like something a manic single mother would buy at Walmart for her stinky autistic son, shut the thing down early because he was embarrassed to be on the stage with the retard-faced Kirk as he was being brutalized.

NOTE: I hate Twitter videos and I’m sure you do too. I’m going to list the timestamps from the above video, so you can go through and watch the questions. Almost the entire Q&A (from the 51 minute mark) is worth watching, save for some drunken babbling by Paul.

But I will put the Twitter links at the bottom, for sharing.

1) 51:12: B L O O D A N D S O I L

I think it’s fine to go up there with a question on your phone and read it. But blood and soil guy did not use his phone, and did everything perfectly.

Charlie, you often express the idea that America is a nation of ideas, not of blood and soil. But traditional American ideals have very little purchase these days in the state of California, which due to immigration induced demographic shift has been irreversibly transformed from a reliably Republican state to a Democrat stronghold. Taking this in combination with the fact that the least desirable immigrants are also those that are most likely to lie about their beliefs in America, how can we prevent America from suffering California’s fate without taking into consideration blood and soil in our immigration policy.

Who would have thought you could say “blood and soil” with perfect optics?

I would have. I did demand it. And now, it has become so.

Charlie Kirk answered with… talking points. Not worth typing up. You know what they are. But he is sort of backing down on his hardline “bury you all in infinity niggers, forever” policies of mass immigration – in his rhetoric. It’s noticeable.

2) 57:42: U S S L I B E R T Y

Again with the USS Liberty!


Why do you deny the attack on the USS Liberty, which is well documented by both US and Israeli sources, and which resulted in the death and injuries of over 200 Americans?

Charlie is visibly flustered with this one, again – but he clears up the fact that he is not denying it was attacked, he is denying that it was deliberate.

The kid had a followup:

Some people would disagree. I would just like to ask one more quick thing. Would you be willing to debate someone who is an actual America First conservative, like Nick Fuentes?

And Charlie’s response was a scornful “no.”

Name dropping Fuentes is always a great idea.

Now, the next step of course is for someone to point out that the entire surviving crew said it was a deliberate attack by Israel, and suggest that Kirk hates American soldiers.

Here’s my suggestion (don’t use this exact wording):

Charlie, the entire surviving crew of the USS Liberty, which was attacked by Israel in 1967, says that the attack was on purpose. You have called these servicemen liars, and suggested that they are conspiracy theorists and anti-Semites. So I would ask you to please describe what it is you believe happened to the USS liberty, and how you think it is possible that the Israeli Defense Force, a technologically advanced Western military, attacked an American ship for an hour and a half by accident. How is it possible that the Israeli military is that stupid and incompetent? Can you name another military accident of this kind in all of history? Is it not simply Occam’s Razor that Israel committed a false flag in order to attempt to draw the US into their war?

He is obviously emotionally unhinged.

I’m not going to type out every question here, some of this you have to think of yourselves, but this is one that I know I can type out because there just aren’t any possible replies to it.

Like when I said to ask him about the gay thing.

3) 1:02:20: About the Gay Thing…

I know this guy was our guy when I saw his arms. And smirk.

Why are you so obsessed with pushing homosexuality into the conservative movement, when America is a Christian country based on family values?

There are no good talking points here.

Kirk took issue with “obsessed,” but I mean – he mentions gays at least every 5-10 minutes when he speaks. Otherwise, he just fumbled around and said “oh I think there is a place for people who happen to be gay…”

Now, the obvious followup is to question his faith and start talking about trannies.

Something like:

Mr. Kirk, you’ve said that in your version of Christianity, homosexuality is not a problem and that you support a gay agenda in the conservative movement. I understand you are also supportive of transgenders. My question is, do you think there is anywhere other than on economics and Israel where conservatives should take a moral stand and should we abandon Christian morality altogether?

He is obviously lying when he says he is a Christian. No Christian can defend homosexuality. And we need to make him admit that.

(Can’t find a Twitter clip, but someone make one – this shit was hilarious.)

4) 1:03:32: Good Optics Guy

Great optics on this lad.

When President Trump speaks, he mentions many of his successes in regards to specific races, unemployment rate among blacks, small business rate among Hispanics and Asians. At the same time, he not only avoids mentioning the main demographic that voted for him, white America, but continues to promote a progressive, post-racial politic that suggests white voters should be grouped only by their political beliefs.

As a white man attempting to move past identity politics, much like yourselves, I am wondering how realistic it is to expect other racial groups to stop banding together based on ethnicity and move forward as we have – especially when there is no pressure to assimilate to an American identity, beyond that of having access to and consuming the same products.

So, clearly – excellent question, and we’re A/B testing confrontational and direct vs. “oh yes I agree with you but what about this tho” approaches.

Clearly, Kirk is emotionally unstable. So he actually does better with the good optics questions like this one, in my opinion. He flows more easily into his talking points, as you will see if you watch his response to that.

The more confrontational questions fluster and upset him and he stumbles and the mask slips.

5) 1:11:04: Israel, Again

This guy is GREAT.

I have to take issue with the stance most right-wing pundits like yourself have, which I find hypocritical. Recently, you had a talk in Jerusalem, and you made the claim that America isn’t a people, it’s just an idea. You also claimed that Israel isn’t just an idea, it’s a people. This had me thinking: you cherish Zionism and people like Bibi Netanyahu and Theodore Hertzl, the founder of Zionism – people who are open ethnic nationalists, people who care very deeply about maintaining a Jewish ethnic majority in Israel … How can you be a vocal critic of any and all forms of European ethnic nationalism while holding those opinions?

That might have been the best question.

Hard to say. All five of these lads were simply fantastic.

Charlie nearly snapped at this last question though, throwing a little fit about how he is sick of being asked about his allegiance to Israel, and again attempting to revert to anti-goyim tropes about how anyone who points out that shills promote ethnic purity in Israel while promoting multiculturalism in America must be anti-Semites. Because otherwise, why would they even notice the contradiction? 

Never forget today, kid. 

Today is the day you realized that the revolution has already started.

Today is the day you learned to relax. And realized everything was going to work out just fine.

Because today is the day you internalized, in your heart of hearts, that they’re all going to get what they fucking deserve.

Because God Wills It.

The Questions Will Not End

Charlie Kirk will not escape.

He will not be allowed to kill this country – or sodomize this country’s corpse or however you would describe this thing he is doing.

Every single appearance, we will be there.

Demanding retribution. 

We’ve got three more stops on this tour.

Get your tickets. Let’s see if we can get 100% of the questions coming from /ourguys/.

Remember: keep it short, keep it simple, don’t let him suck you in.