Dindu Osmosis

Max Wifeschild
The Right Stuff
November 7, 2016

When watching the West destroy itself with multiculturalism, you learn all sorts of things about humanity. For instance, British sociologists are puzzled why white British people do not want to live near their non-white “British” countrymen.

White populations in towns and cities are dwindling at record levels and in extreme cases have halved in a decade, it was revealed today.

In Newham, east London, just 16 per cent of the population are white, compared to 33 per cent ten years ago.

Academic Ted Cantle, a Government adviser of community cohesion, says by the 2021 census the polarisation will be even greater and suggests Government intervention like ensuring ethnic balance.

Academic Marxists are completely floored by the idea that white people not only don’t want to live near the third-world pets imported into Britain, but they don’t want to subject their children to the enrichment either.


Ted Cantle – Government advisor on community cohesion. Yeah, he did say this.

Good thing an academic like Ted Cantle is on the case. The problem is, once again, white people. Whites simply don’t know what’s good for them. These white people are going to have diversity even if it means we imprison every last one of their sorry asses right next to it.

Mohammed Tabrez Noorji opened Tabrez Meat Store in Blackburn last year but has no white British customers.

Professor Cantle points out the sad story of how Mohammed the butcher has never seen a white Briton in his shop. But isn’t the only kind of Briton possible going to be white? Has anyone ever seen a black Chinese? Don’t bother with those details. The absence of whites buying meat from a butcher that slaughters it in the name of a religion that hates you is the real problem.


Come in and buy some halal meat from your friendly Muslim butcher you white bigots!

Who wouldn’t want to live in an area populated by a friendly Muslim butcher? You probably didn’t like pork anyway. Besides, government dietary guidelines suggest you limit meat intake and focus on carbohydrates for a healthy body.

It is not good that we all live separately but how can we fix this problem? Asian families like to live in the same area as each other so we can support one another, but then the white people move out. – Your Friendly Muslim Butcher

Asians (in Britain that is Arab), like to live with each other for support and community. Perfectly natural. But for white people to want to do that is bigoted hate. Whites are the problem. Whites exist as a decoration for everyone. In fact, non-whites have an inalienable right to live next to white people regardless of the white’s feelings.

Is this a logical point? No, it is just the bare hatred the left shows towards whites. It is not supposed to be logical because people like Professor Ted Cantle who support these ideas hate your guts. Always remember that it’s hatred, not logic, that is driving these policies:

The research, published by Open Democracy, calls on the Government to do more to promote mixed communities, especially in light of the spike in hate crime reported since the Brexit referendum.

The study, conducted by integration experts Professor Ted Cantle and Professor Eric Kaufmann, shows that, while England as a whole is more ethnically mixed, white and minority groups are now more isolated from each other.

What’s that suspiciously named “Open Democracy”? A quick looks shows the top funding source is, of course, Open Society Foundation headed by our good friend (((George Soros))). Let’s see more of what these (((integration experts))) have to say:

Prof Cantle, who wrote a report into community cohesion in the wake of several race riots in 2001, said: ‘The antipathy towards some communities may have been much less if we were more integrated and actually lived in mixed areas – all the evidence suggests that prejudice and intolerance is broken down by contact.

Actually, all the evidence suggests that prejudice and intolerance increases with contact. Humans are tribal for survival reasons and it’s not going away. There is a reason whites move out of these areas and it isn’t because the contact has improved things. Empirical evidence is a bitch.

For instance, if you were in constant contact with a wasp’s nest each day and you got stung whenever you went near it, would you become more tolerant of it? Would you want to move next to it? Would you want those wasps to become your roommate? Or would you want to get the gasoline and burn the damn thing down?

Is this is too academic for academics to understand? Or, is it being done because these people hate you? I’ll take what’s behind door #2.

The best way to boost cohesion is to stop bringing in people that are destroying the cohesion. In fact, if you want to see cohesion like you never believed, tell white Britons you need their help deporting all the non-white Britons living in the country. The level of cohesion will be off the charts as these invaders are loaded into cargo ships and packed off from where they came. To be fair, we should save some room for Ted Cantle and his family as well.

But this is not in the current plan because Professor Cantle is a malicious moron. We must not forget that even if someone is a malicious moron, they will have maliciously moronic political agendas they want to see implemented:

The focus of policy needs to shift, this is not just about minorities. Politicians and policy-makers need to encourage white British residents to remain in diverse areas; to choose, rather than avoid, diverse areas when they do re-locate, encouraging similar choices with respect to placing pupils in diverse schools; in other words to create a positive choice for mixed areas and a shared society.

This is the interesting bit about having the government force mixed communities. I hear this a lot when it comes to Good Schools™ vs. Bad Schools™. Sure enough this article has a solution tried in the USA: Busing students from Good Schools™ to Bad Schools™. Plus, it looks like our good professor wants to have policies to force whites to remain in these areas so the black and brown people can learn.

You see, what the multicultural left has taught me is that black and brown people can only learn when a white child is placed directly next to them in school. It’s a fascinating process where some kind of dindu osmosis occurs. The learning life essence of white children is required for Mohammed and D’Shawn to be educated. This is an amazing discovery on the part of Professor Ted Cantle.


Person of Color assumes the learning position on a white pupil.

Now we could look at the argument of Ted Cantle and say that his implication that brown and black people cannot learn unless being next to whites in fact makes him the racist. After all, isn’t he saying that these people are too stupid to learn without a white child present?

But I’m not going to go DR3 on this. The real reason the left says and does these things is that they hate whites. It’s just that simple. Imported brown and black people are biological weapons in the war we are fighting.

What we are told in this leftist farce is that since these imported people are not integrating and not performing, it is our fault. But even more than our fault, it must be our children that are going sacrificed to fix the problem. If Mohammed and D’Shawn are going to be idiots, the left is going to make sure our kids are idiots too. It’s only fair, and the left is all about fairness.

Yet, as the walls of the left close in around them they will get more desperate to have their broken ideas work. The left always doubles down and will never admit defeat. People like Ted Cantle have a final plan for the whites they despise. If whites don’t want to live with diversity, the left is going to force them to do it. They are doing it in the U.S., and now it looks like Britain will be following the same path.

I’ve read enough history to know that forcing people to do things they don’t want has never ended well. But hey, I’m not an integration expert. Yet I’m thinking Mohammad and D’Shawn shouldn’t get too comfortable if this plays out the way it always has.