Dindu Causes Another Lincoln Park Death

Daily Stormer
July 31, 2017

There was a different death from a different individual from the other Lincoln Park this month.

Unfortunately, it was not some degenerate faggot that died, but a White married father of two.


Bobby Lee Collins, a Wayne County employee, is charged with death of a co-worker during a horrific work crash. Prosecutors say Collins was behind the wheel of a county road vehicle, that was supposed to be protecting two co-workers who were walking and patching potholes.

Surveillance video shows the truck never slows or stops, instead slamming into the men.

47-year-old David Wolf, a married father of two, died. The other man, Wilbert King, was able to stagger away after the impact, but suffered severe leg injuries.

We also learned Collins is not currently working for the county due to medical reasons.

The Lincoln Park man is charged with Reckless Driving Causing Death, Reckless Driving Causing Serious Impairment, Work Zone Death and Work Zone Injury.

His attorney requested a personal bond stating he has no prior criminal convictions.
The judge granted him a $50,000 personal bond.

Today’s arraignment was quick. They did not discuss what lead up to this fatal on-the-job crash.