Difficult Democrat Response to Texas Abortion Law: Your Body Isn’t Your Choice Anymore

Tucker Carlson had a segment this week drawing attention to the difficulty the Democrat Party is facing with their narratives these days.

Texas has passed a law effectively banning abortion after the baby has a heartbeat, and the Supreme Court has refused to overrule this law, which means that every other red state is going to immediately pass similar laws.

I have precisely zero faith in the American legal system at this point, as the federal government has made it very clear that they will do whatever they want. But it is an interesting situation, in terms of the total collapse of the leftist narrative.

  • Firstly, they can no longer say “my body, my choice.” They’ve decided with this mandated vaccination program that actually, your body isn’t your choice.
  • Moreover, we’ve been hearing nonstop for the last 2-3 years that “men can get pregnant too.” So the entire claim that men shouldn’t have a choice in deciding abortion laws is no longer relevant.

Those were the two big slogans:

  • Bodily autonomy
  • Only women can have an opinion

Neither of those is possible now.

So they are left trying to figure out why they want all of these abortions, and putting that into some kind of slogan.

Jen Psaki was asked about why Biden loves abortion so much, and she actually did the whole “you’re a man so you don’t get to have an opinion” bit.

A bunch of these people are saying “women.” People are hitting back with their own words about “birthing persons.”

But they’re not going to keep doing that. As Tucker pointed out, they are now pushing “birthing persons” to include men in the birthing process. It was just in March that this black bitch Cori Bush testified before Congress saying “birthing people.”

They can’t really walk that back.

What is the line now, exactly?

They can pretty much only say that they like abortion for abortion’s sake. “Right to choose” has no underlying ideology supporting it now. The whole thing of “female empowerment” is being undermined by the tranny thing, which literally says that women don’t even really exist at all.

And they most certainly can’t just say “freedom.” That would just sound ridiculous.

At least Uber is going to pay the legal fees of abortionists who get sued in Texas.

So they’ve got that going for them.

A Long Term Problem

Seriously though, I don’t think this is a short term problem for the left. They can just say “women’s rights,” and ignore and censor right-wingers pointing out that this is transphobic. They could try to do the same with “my body, my choice” if they want – but I doubt they will, because they really don’t want people thinking about that slogan right now. Even in a hardcore leftist, just hearing it might trigger some pretty serious cognitive dissonance.

And that is the thing: so much of this system’s ability to support itself depends on having a portion of the population completely radicalized in support of the state ideology. They need to keep those people hard and dedicated to the cause, and in order to do that, they must protect the sanctity of their slogans.

As Tucker noted, the protesters in Texas are still saying “my body, my choice.”

They’re going to have to start telling the groups that organize these protests to cut that out. It is just legitimately too ridiculous in the context of the vax, and too clearly going to start rattling people’s brains if the Democrats have to go out and say, in the same speeches, that they are fighting for bodily autonomy and forcing people to take vaccines against their will.

There are some things that the left can promote that are contradictory, but that is just too much.

Mark my words: you’re going to see a very serious round of pro-abortion protests coming up, and they are going to start moving this slogan out of the protests. They will tell the organizers that “the slogan is problematic because it has been co-opted by covid deniers.”

Credit where credit is due, “elephant in the womb” got me.

That’s not bad.

But they can’t replace “my body, my choice” with “elephant in the womb.” The bodily autonomy thing is an animating principle of female empowerment, given that these people are engaged in a Luciferian rebellion against nature, and in nature, what happens to the bodies of women is the choice of men because men are physically stronger than women. Men are also the only ones capable of providing the food women eat. Women are, by their most basic nature, subservient to men, and a denial of that reality is satanic.

The slogan is designed to summarize a denial of that natural reality and thereby fire these whores up.

In the longer run, none of these slogans are safe, which means that much of the left is eventually going to become exhausted in trying to defend state ideology.

Please note that there has never in history been a religion that changed its dogma constantly.

“My body, my choice” was an underlying core doctrine of leftism since the 1970s, and it’s now totally wiped out. And they’re saying if you do say it, you’re an extremist and a science-denier.

What’s more, they’re increasingly asking their own followers to sacrifice for no tangible benefit to themselves, beyond the ability to engage in smug denunciations of, and power trips against, “bad people” who don’t believe the government/media.

Women actually did gain serious power from safe and legal abortion, as without it, feminism would be totally impossible. No one benefits from vaccines. They’re not even allowing it to help people with their neurotic disorders, as they are demanding that they keep living in fear, as that is a source of power for the government.

But that is all that is left:

  • Hating and hurting normal people
  • Embracing neuroticism and fear

Compare that to what the left used to promise:

  • Unlimited free sex
  • Total power for women
  • An end to racial strife
  • A multiracial utopia where all cultures get along with each other
  • A free and “open” society
  • The ability for normal people to travel the world as a part of the globalist project
  • Social services to raise the quality of life of the poor
  • Taking money from rich people and giving it to the poor
  • Winning wars against the third world to prove the sanctity of feminism and gay sex

All of that stuff is now totally off the table.

What’s more: all of the current energy of the left comes directly from Donald Trump. Since 2016, their only single platform of any significance was “orange man bad.” They’ve now neutered and silenced Trump, so the only thing they can do on that front is just keep saying “he’s going to come back!”

Not Sustainable

It really does not look like any of this is sustainable at all.

Obviously, a big part of what is going on is that we are moving into an entire new order of society, where there are none of these “democratic rights.”

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They are obviously planning on just forcing people to obey, using police and military, imprisonment, threats, disappearances, and so on. However, they are still left with the problem that there is only a tiny elite minority that is trying to rule over hundreds of millions of people, so they have to somehow keep these people in line.

It’s not sustainable to just expect cops to be able to control the entire population with force. They need that devoted portion of the population that believes in the state – at least 20-30% of society.

But they don’t seem to be planning on holding that much support, which is kinda scary. It makes you wonder if they aren’t planning on using microwaves to control people’s brains (or something along those lines).

But, it probably just means what I’ve concluded about the whole elite power structure: these people are not very smart. They are decadent, totally corrupt, completely bogged down in confusion from their own lies. Yes, they have absolute power right now, but they do not have any plan to hold onto that power.

I will say again, like I always do: the only thing that you can do as an individual person is get out of these people’s way. Let them do whatever it is they’re going to do. Do not entertain delusions of electoral victories or revolutions. Just get out of their way, let the cards fall where they do.

I don’t think this is going to last much longer, frankly. I think that by the end of the decade, we will likely be living in the ruins of an empire – without these people standing on our throats. That should be hopeful, really.