Dieudonné on Elite Pedophile Rings in France

Daily Stormer
December 10, 2016

Wew, lad.

Dieudonné, a French Negro defender of white supremacy for white nations, is here found dropping truth bombs disguised as comedy.

In the sketch, Dieudonné relates how young people came to him to tell their story. They claimed their father, who was a high level bureaucrat, confessed to them that he was a part of a Pizzagate-style pedophile ring along with other powerful people. He was having regrets, and wanted to get out of this circle, but was being threatened. He died shortly after.

Whether this story was true or not, I found this clip (which dates from 2005) interesting in light of recent events.

It’s also illustrative of the state of things in France. Remember that Dieudonné is the most popular comic there. This stuff was probably released on DVD and everything.

The level of cynicism of the public on display is incredible. Of course, Dieudonné is using comedy to drop a bit of truth, but imagine a culture where you can get people to laugh and child-rape.

Things are heating up fast.

Pizzagate may be just what we need to set things off, on a global scale.