Did You Know the Simpsons did a Bit Mocking University SJWs?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 9, 2018

I was unaware of this fact, but last season the Simpsons did a bit mocking university SJWs.

The Simpsons was never South Park. It’s not edgy social commentary. If you’re getting aggressively mocked by the Simpsons, you’re already despised by the mainstream.

The best part is when the cuck says to Mr. Burns “you’re worse than Hitler” and he replies “it’s too late for flattery.” That is genuinely funny.

But the whole clip is funny.

I think the left realizes that it is going way too far, and is now consciously trying to put the brakes on some of the crazy.

But they can’t.

It’s already too late.

They are locked into a purity spiral, and next comes sex with animals and children.

With the rapid progress they’ve made with the trannies, they’re going to have to start pushing one or the other pretty soon.

They might do incest first.