Did You Know the Mayor of San Antonio is a Roided Up, Vaguely Closeted Homosexual 43-Year-Old Filipino Jew?

I’ve been reading KSAT, a local San Antonio news website, over the last few days. I’ve made a decision that I want to organize some kind of local news reading operation here on the Daily Stormer.

We did something like that with the race war section, which featured articles from the nation’s local media about vicious black-on-white violent crime, something which never makes the national news. I stopped the race war section, because it seemed to just be demoralizing. We have nearly 7 years’ worth of archives you can look at, and I think everyone gets the idea.

But the rest of local news is also crazy, and frankly, much more interesting and notable than national and international news.

I actually had no idea that the Mayor of San Antonio is a Filipino Jew.

His name is Ron Nirenberg. He is 43 years old, and somehow identifies as a Methodist, despite his father being a Jew and his mother a Catholic.

He his married to Erika Prosper, who despite her name, is a Mexican. You’d think she also would have been a Catholic, unless she is part Jewish as well (which is likely).

She looks like one of the goblins from Baldur’s Gate III.

Here’s her bio:

Perhaps best known as the first lady of San Antonio, Erika Prosper Nirenberg isn’t just the wife of Mayor Ron Nirenberg — she’s a strong, independent woman who’s an executive at H-E-B and the 2018 chairwoman of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The daughter of migrant farm workers, and once one herself, Nirenberg is the director of customer insights for the local grocery giant. She manages a staff of about 16, whose job is to ensure that customers’ voices are heard as H-E-B executives make decisions about company strategy, products and other things that may affect consumers.

As the Hispanic chamber’s chairwoman, Nirenberg has taken on some major projects during her one-year tenure. She’s overseen the creation of a slick entrepreneurship workbook for children, placed a spotlight on the economic contributions women have made for San Antonio, and highlighted the fact that Latinos are not criminals.

Hispanics actually are criminals, by the way. They commit more than ten times more crime than whites. It’s just that they can compare themselves to blacks, who commit at least 100 times more crime than whites, and it makes them look good.

Nirenberg is also a serious steroid user. He doesn’t even try to be reasonable about it, to the point where someone could say, “maybe he’s natural…” He’s roided to the nines.

Like many (most?) steroid users, he also appears to be a homosexual, which explains the goblin wife.

He’s extremely pro-homosexual, but it is clearly an open secret that he himself is a practicing analist, as evidenced by the fan art produced by the gay community.

This is a similar situation to Andrew Gillum, the homosexual former Mayor of Tallahassee, Florida, who ran for governor. Gillum is 41 and also has a fake wife and children (which were likely produced using artificial insemination, because apparently, for a homosexual, the thought of having sex with a woman’s vagina is the same as the thought of having sex with a man’s anus is for a heterosexual). These men are right on the cusp of when it was thought impossible to get into politics as an open homosexual. For reference, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, an open homosexual, is 38.

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Because it is now socially acceptable to be homosexual and a politician, these men are kind of having a bit of humor about the fact that everyone knows.

I saw Nirenberg’s name, then saw his face, and thought he must be a Mexican-Jew. But that would apparently not be alien enough to rule over a city in Texas.

He did an interview with KSAT this week. It’s actually fascinating.

Here’s the part about coronavirus.

He’s of course claiming that “the virus” destroyed the economy, when in actuality, as a matter of absolute and objective fact, the lockdown destroyed the economy. The virus had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Here’s the part about these “social movements.”

San Antonio, like every other metropolis in America, is boarded up and shut down.

Is it all closed because of the lockdown? Or because of the social movements?

Ain’t nobody knows.

I obviously haven’t been there this year (I live in Nigeria, where we have freedom), but even the River Walk is closed up.

Very sad.

Frankly, the San Antonio River Walk is one of my favorite theme park style tourist attractions in the country.

It will never go back to what it was.

Even if they decided to let you stop wearing masks and anti-social distancing (and they will never let you stop doing that), no one would have money to buy $11 cocktails.

The San Antonio River Walk might as well be ancient Rome.

But at least the denizens of that city have a bubbly Jew Mayor to lie to them.

The single biggest weakness of the Jews, aside from the obvious physical weaknesses related to being diminutive and generally feminine and weak, is their absolute and total lack of charisma. They are repulsive if you meet them in real life of course, but they radiate it through the television set as well. If you think of repulsive people, it is difficult to imagine any non-Jew ever approaching the likes of Chuck Schumer and Bill Maher. The reason that John Stewart was so influential was not because he was smart or actually funny, but simply because he was a Jew who was not utterly repulsive.

Filipinos, on the other hand, are just about the friendliest gosh darn folks you’re ever gonna come across.

Frankly, I’m surprised Jews don’t breed with them more often, to serve their purposes. It seems that the only nonwhites they want to breed with are blacks, which are actually even more unlikeable than pure Jews or pure blacks.

We’re going to start investigating local news more closely, and present a series of articles about bizarre things that are going on in cities in America that the rest of the country tends to be unaware of.

Basically, society has collapsed, all the way down to the smallest element, all across the formerly White Western World.

The series will be informally titled: “Mysterious Revelations from the Inner Realms.”