Did You Know That There is a Black Lives Matter Group in Finland? That is a Real Thing. In Real Life.

I only discovered this today, but earlier this month there was a Black Lives Matter rally in Helsinki, Finland.

No joke.

Foreigner.fi, June 4:

Several thousand people gathered in the Finnish capital on Wednesday to protest the recent death of African-American man George Floyd at the hands of police, as well as racism elsewhere.

Helsinki’s central Senate Square was flooded with people, some carrying signs that read “Black Lives Matter,” which they also chanted, according to images shown by public broadcaster YLE.

Many wore masks as part of hygiene measures due to the coronavirus and listened to short messages protesting police violence, along with calls for justice and freedom, and against racism – also in Finland.

Police estimated 3,000 people attended – far above the 500 allowed under certain circumstances in Finland amid virus restrictions.

“And who attended,” you are asking, “surely there are not 3,000 blacks in Helsinki?”

But you would of course be asking that rhetorically, because as soon as you read the headline, you knew who was behind this.

Yes, it was white women.

With English language signs.

They will not be silent, you see. Because silence is betrayal. And being black shouldn’t be a death sentence. You understand where they’re coming from. In Helsinki, Finland.

Doing what the media showed them that the trendy and moral people are doing in the center of the empire, all the way across the ocean.

Soon, Finnish girls will go full Virginia girl and just start ripping down random statues and calling them racists.

The absurdity of this is simply beyond comprehension, but these days – especially after that Joe Biden video at the George Floyd funeral – “can I comprehend what is happening here?” is not even a question any of us are asking ourselves anymore.