Did Trump Just Surrender? [UPDATE: Trump Says No]


The President has responded to speculation that the decision to allow the Biden team to begin the transition amounts to concession.

I still don’t really understand how allowing this is anything other than a massive step in the wrong direction.

But I believe him that he’s still fighting.

Original article follows.

The Jews are claiming that Real President Trump has surrendered with a tweet saying that the GSA can officially begin the transition of the institutions of power to the control of Joe Biden.

Frankly, I don’t know what he meant by that.

Clearly, he is saying “we will still fight.” But, I have to say: allowing this process to begin is a big step in moving this power from the people to this international Jewish elite that is attempting to seize control of our country.

The media is claiming that this is a surrender.

I will tell you this: I’m not at all comfortable with this situation.

It’s difficult to spin it as a good sign, whether it is or is not a surrender.

As for me and my house, we will never surrender.

Understand: no matter what, we are fighting.

Even if Trump stops fighting (which he hasn’t done), we are going to fight.

If this Trump battle fails, we have to push for secession.

This is reality: the masses of people will support us, and the Jews cannot stop us.

Everything we have is on the line here. If we enter into full-Bidenism, we are doomed. There will be no going back. This means an endless lockdown, it means concentration camps, it means war with the entire world, it means abolition of private property.

A Biden win is a direct step towards the establishment of a global Jewish-satanic world order, where the Jews rule supreme over a mass of peasants.

This isn’t about Donald Trump, this is about me and you, our families, our God and our home.

There will be no surrender.