Did This Bitch Have the Legit Info on Pizzagate?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2018

I’m convinced that this bitch had gotten to the bottom of Pizzagate and/or the Seth Rich murder, and they took her out.

Made it look like a disease.


The conservative US writer and commentator Bre Payton has died at the age of 26 after falling ill.

A friend, Morgan Murtaugh, found her unconscious on Thursday. She died in hospital where she was found to be suffering from H1N1 flu and meningitis.

Online magazine The Federalist, which Payton wrote for, said she “brightened the lives of everyone around her”.

Payton made several appearances for Fox News, and also appeared on other major channels, including the BBC and CNN.

“She fought strong and lived a life worth noting in the books,” a memorial page said.

“We are so incredibly honoured to have known this wonderful human being.”

Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late US Senator John McCain and a prominent political commentator, paid tribute.

Of course McCain tributed her.

She’s probably the one that ordered the hit.

But seriously though.

I don’t assume that this bitch had the deets on Pizzagate. I would assume this is just some random weird thing.

However, I am 1000% sure, without looking, that r/The_Donald, The Gateway Pundit and many others are positing conspiracy theories about this. And though I hate those two sites, I don’t necessarily blame them.

We are fed so much shit that it is only reasonable to be suspicious of absolutely everything that happens. It’s natural, when you realize you’re being lied to about everything to then assume that everything is a lie.

Speaking of Pizzagate though – did we ever get any updates on that? 

Because the secret code in those Podesta emails still hasn’t been explained by anyone in the mainstream. In fact, they haven’t even tried to explain it.

If John Podesta comes out and gives a clear explanation as to what exactly a “pizza-related map on a napkin” is in reference to, I think we can drop it.