Did These Based Hindus Need White Sharia to Hold the Line Against Psychotic Swarthy THOTs?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2019

On some level, I pity a lot of women. Like, they wish they had some of that male creativity and innate connection with the divine. That’s one of the reasons why they always try to insert themselves into male arenas.

It’s like your annoying little brother trying to play with the big boys, but he just can’t quite hack it because of low hand-eye coordination or whatever.

Same thing at work here.


Police deployed tear gas at protesters in the Indian state of Kerala. Outrage grew after two women – backed by a landmark court ruling – entered a shrine which has historically been forbidden to females of menstruating age.

Men need places where they can get away from the petty social striving and crass materialistic concerns of women. Unsurprisingly, they designate such spaces as holy spaces.

Clashes between police and demonstrators broke out simultaneously in several towns throughout the state, including a large-scale conflict in front of the state parliament in Thiruvananthapuram. The traditionalist Hindu protesters gathered in anger after it became public that the women had entered the Sabarimala temple dedicated to the celibate God Ayyappa.

A THOT patrol/posse formed spontaneously because these Hindus don’t fuck around. 

And the Globo-Homo police were sent in.

Where are the “WHITE SHARIAH NOW!” people on this one, eh?

No, but like seriously. I try not to counter-signal the meme because I genuinely do find it funny. But I just know from experience now, that there’s always some dum-dum who is going to take it literally and assume that Islam is based or the Way of the Pimp Hand or w/e and that’s just not true.

We make these jokes and we’re 90% sure that people get that we’re joking… but sometimes, at the risk of killing the joke, we gotta have a serious to make sure that we’re all on the same page.

So here’s the thing. 

Every religion with any staying power is good on the woman thing. This is because any religion with staying power needs to be built by wise men. Wise men know the true nature of women and include it in their religions.

Christianity and Hinduism and Buddhism are all good on women. No worse than Islam.

Plenty of Christian scripture to point to, and then there’s this Hindu story as proof, so that leaves Buddhism and you can just trust me on that one – Buddhists are based AF and know what’s up with women as well.

The thing about Christianity though is that it’s like the US Constitution.

It assumes that it’s dealing with a higher class of people and it takes that into mind when prescribing how to live one’s life. 

In the same way, the US Constitution assumes that it is a government of White men of good character with Christian values. Both Christianity and the Constitution leave a lot unsaid and a lot implicit because they just assume that you’re not retarded and your shit’s not all fucked up.

As an example, you won’t find in the US Constitution an “anti-Gay Islamo-tranny law” anywhere.

Now, does this mean that the US Constitution and its Founders and the first Americans were soft on the gay Islamo-tranny question?

Well, it seems only logical that they were, right?

Therefore, really, when you think about it, the Founders were cucks and the Constitution is worthless. 

Nah, Jack. That ain’t how it works, so chill.

The Constitution didn’t say a lot of things because a lot of things were implicitly…


The Constitution assumed that it was dealing with people who knew right from wrong.

Christianity is quite similar in that regard. 

In Islam, by contrast, you have a religion that tells you what to eat, what direction to kneel, how many times to pray, what hand to wipe your ass with and how many lashes of the belt are needed to keep the woman in line.

This is because – and you will notice the same thing with the whole Constitution analogy – dumber and worserer people need more explicit instructions. They need firm discipline at all times and crushing punishments to keep their bad character at bay. They need a constant watchdog in their lives, monitoring them and keeping them on the straight and narrow.

Maybe you have friends like this, even.

I know I do. I told one of them that his life would legit improve if he was in a concentration camp because there at least he would get the discipline from an authority figure that he so sorely needed. And this was a Fascist I was dealing with. But I guess, more importantly, he was a messed up slob. On a deeper level, the reason that he was attracted to old-school Fascism was the desire to have someone force him to do what he was too weak and lazy and degenerate to do.

He needed a watchdog and personal coach in his life.

A lot of these old structures like Christianity and the Constitution (by extension American values) are sound, but they just made a lot of assumptions about the state of people.

We, however, live in a completely degraded era. 

Basic truths about the nature of the world are now pretty much outlawed.

So yeah, we may indeed need to get back down to basics for a while. To start spelling out basic truths again in black and white. To enter a period of harsh austerity until we trim the fat, and get our feet squarely beneath us again.

That doesn’t have to be Islam or any other foreign religion (although if we do go down that road, I vote for Buddhism).

It just needs to be a more explicit revision and adaption of the source material that built the White world.

So instead, think explicit Christianocracy. Explicit Constitutionalism. And explicit life-coaching.

Just until behavior improves.