Did Milo Yiannopoulos Just Set Up a Fake Organization to Scam Trump Supporters on /r/The_Donald?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2016


The Jewish homosexual who has been declared by the Jewish media as the leader of the Alt-Right Nazi movement, Milo Yiannopoulos, recently got called-out for apparently stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from supporters by setting-up a fake scholarship fund for White heterosexual males and transferring all the money to his private bank account.

Yesterday, he appears to have initiated another scam to Jew money out of hapless goyim.

This is so bold, it’s hard to believe even a flamboyant Jew homosexual would have the nerve to do it, but let me go ahead and lay-out the facts as they stand.

/r/The_Donald is a subreddit with a quarter million followers. Yesterday, a post from a new account – “NimbleRichMan” – was made, promoting an organization that will allegedly support support Donald Trump.


The post reads:

America is the land of opportunity. I made the most of that opportunity. I am a member of the 0.001%. I started with nothing and worked my way to the top.

You and I are the same. We know Hillary Clinton is corrupt, a warmonger, a freedom-stripper. Not the good kind you see dancing in bikinis on Independence Day, the bad kind that strips freedom from citizens and grants it to donors. Hillary Rodham Clinton is not just bought and paid for. Everyone around her is, too. The elite of the country know it. They don’t care. They know she is the candidate that will do what they want.

I have supported Donald’s presidential ambitions for years. I encouraged him to run in the last election, but the overwhelming power, resources, and institutional advantages available to a sitting President made it almost impossible. If we allow the Clinton Dynasty to continue, the situation will be repeated.

I reached out to the leaders of this community because I am doing everything I can to help make America great again. I have already donated significant funds to Nimble America, and will continue to do so. I need your help: For the next 48 hours, I will match your donations dollar for dollar. Donate ten dollars and I will match you by flying my jet a minute less. Donate a hundred and I will match you by skipping a glass of scotch. Donate a thousand and I will match by putting off the tire change on my car. Am I bragging? Will people be offended? Yes, but those people already hate Donald. They cannot stand to see successful people who are proud of their success.

Let’s generate some success of our own. Make America great again with your meme magic, centipedes of The Donald!

That post has since been deleted by either the poster himself or a moderator.


But you can see it on archive page here.

Below it, Yiannopoulos posted an account verifying that this poster is the real deal – a rich guy who will match your donations to an organization no one has ever heard of, but which we are assured will help Donald Trump in some unspecified way.


Yiannopoulos’ post reads:

Hi guys, Milo here. I have personally spoken with /u/NimbleRichMan and gotten to know him and his passion for Donald Trump and the Trump movement. As a billionaire and maxed out Trump supporter, he reached out to the mod team and was put into contact with their project to create the non-profit Nimble America, with the goal to “Shitpost Across America”. I want to say this is a worthy cause that I endorse because they are one of the Trump faithful and will promote pro-Trump policies.

They would like me to share that you that you can help support Nimble America and the Trump movement by signing up on www.nimbleamerica.com , purchasing a t-shirt on www.booster.com/nimbleamerica , or by donating directly on either platform.

With love from your dangerous faggot.


And yes, yiannopoulos_m is the real Reddit account of Milo Yiannopoulos. He used it for his own official AMA on /r/The_Donald and posted in Trump’s AMA on the same subreddit – he is also a moderator.


Milo’s mod status is apparently what led to the thread being stickied at the top of the subreddit.

The site that he links to for the donations, nimbleamerica.com, clearly appears to be a scam.

The site’s about page describes two alleged “near billionaires” and another guy, who are all anonymous – but have been vetted by Yiannopoulos.

The “NimbleRichMan” profile reads:

NimbleRichMan is a near Billionaire and staunch supporter of the Common Sense Conservative movement. He is co-founder along with D.B. Purple and our third silent partner. Milo Yiannopoulos has personally vetted NimbleRichMan and the Non-Profit Nimble America, Inc. he helped create. NimbleRichMan will continue to guide Nimble America as its Vice-President.

In the thread, the posters revolted, claiming it was a scam, which is presumably what led to the original post being deleted.

Posters were calling out Milo as a scammer.

daily-stormer_891 daily-stormer_892 daily-stormer_893

The whole thread is like that.

So: did the Jewish pervert attempting to takeover the Alt-Right just openly try to scam Trump supporters out of money?

It certainly appears that way.

If Milo wanted to set up a non-profit to sell t-shirts and support Trump, why not do it under his own name? Why invent fake anonymous “near billionaire” backers who will match your donation?

And why only advertise it on Reddit? Why are there no news stories about the fabulous Alt-Righter Milo Yiannopoulos – who is on TV regularly now – setting up a pro-Trump non-profit?

There is no 501(c)(3) information on the site. On the page’s FAQ, they claim they are in the process of registering it.

They also claim on the FAQ page that they have put up two billboards:

What are you guys going to be doing?

We already have a billboard up in the Pittsburgh area, another billboard up in  New Jersey, and we have a quote for two full sized billboards in prime locations in Philadelphia during the DNC. We will ultimately be posting all across America. The more funds we raise, the more billboards we can buy.

The hyperlinks for the billboards go to images on SLiMG, none of them showing an actual billboard. I cannot find any evidence this organization has put up any billboards.

What is going on here?

Someone needs to investigate it. This kind of donation scamming, just as with the fake scholarship fund, is something you can go to prison for.

In his interview with Joel Stein, published in Bloomberg, Milo claims his life costs millions of dollars a year, but that he supplements his income through homosexual prostitution (which is also illegal in most places in the United States).

But where is the rest of this money coming from?

And the biggest question here: why, if Milo Yiannopoulos is the big bad guy that the Jewish media is claiming, is the Jewish media not investigating all of this?