Did Huffington Post Journalist Luke O’Brien Breach Ethics When He Sent Fake FBI Statements to Andrew Anglin?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 4, 2016


Luke O’Brien (right)

Here’s an interesting happening on the Lügenpresse front.

In September, I was contacted for an interview by Luke O’Brien, a Politico journalist who claimed to be working on a piece for the Huffington Post Magazine about the Alt-Right.

Here’s his website.

His bio:

Luke O’Brien is an award-winning magazine journalist who specializes in narrative and investigative features. He writes regularly about technology, crime and sports. His work has appeared in The Atlantic, Fortune, Details, Rolling Stone, Fast Company, The New York Times, Boston Magazine, The Washington Post Magazine and Slate, among other publications. His stories have been anthologized in the Best Technology Writing and noted in the Best American Sports Writing.

Luke got his start in journalism at a daily paper in Clovis, New Mexico, and has worked as a writer for National Geographic Television, SF Weekly, Village Voice Media, Wired News and Deadspin. He is currently the senior correspondent at POLITICO Magazine. Luke is a graduate of Harvard and Columbia.

And his contact information:


(917) 284-8226



You can hit him up. See what’s going on. He won’t do anything, but he’ll talk to you.


So I said okay, whatever, I’m not talking to you on the phone but I’ll answer interview questions in an email. He asked some very bizarre questions, which I refused to answer. I answered a few of the normal ones.

Then, this week, he sent me a bizarre email, the relevant part of which reads:


1.) I have learned that the FBI is investigating you. The FBI told this to two of my sources (and two of your troll targets). In both cases, there were threats involved in the trolling. Both cases also appear to have involved some hacking. Erin Schrode’s campaign website was hacked. George Yancy’s email was also hacked. You sent emails from Yancy’s account to Julia Ioffe when you were trolling her. I have also been told that DHS may be looking into you in connection with cybercrime. But I do not know that for sure. Do you want to respond to any of this?

2.) You told me that you live in Ohio. But the FBI told Ioffe that you have been in Berlin (Germany, not Amish country) for some time. You were recently tweeting as @goodboydoug3 and listed your location as Berlin. I also had someone knock on the door of the Ohio address currently listed for you in the LexisNexis database. You do not live there. Care to respond?

3.) You admit to having been approached by the FBI in the past, possibly to act as an informant. Daily Stormer would be an ideal place to capture the IP addresses of people in the movement. Do you worry that increased legal attention will make you look compromised?

This is all absolutely insane.

Firstly, the FBI pretty much investigates any time someone calls them and claims they’ve been threatened by Nazis. So it isn’t surprising that when Ioffe and Schrode called them and claimed that people from this site had threatened them (neither of them has presented evidence of threats, at least not publicly), that the FBI would open an investigation.

That doesn’t mean I’m being investigated, it just means they’re investigating messages. Presumably, they concluded there were no legal threats made, and dropped it.

However, he adds this part about “hacking,” which I have never heard about. I certainly never hacked anyone’s anything.

He says George Yancy’s email was hacked and that I sent email from it. Notice he doesn’t say “my sources say…” – he just says it as if it is a fact. I don’t know anyone named “George Yancy.” I just Googled him, and he’s some “Black philosopher.” I am not aware of having ever written about him even. What a weird, random thing to accuse me of, no?

Is it normal for journalists to accuse people they are trying to interview of crime? I believe that it is not, and I cannot imagine that any respectable publication would tolerate this sort of behavior from their employees.

He then claims that Yulia Ioffe told him that the FBI told her that I live in Berlin. That is just… wow just wow. I am relatively certain that the FBI wouldn’t tell her that I am in Berlin, even if they thought I was, and if they for some reason did tell her that (possibly to troll her for lulz, given that we are now finding out that the entire bureau is #TrumpTrain), I am relatively certain she wouldn’t tell him that.

Surely, that would be weird, no?


Please go ask her on Twitter if she told a HuffPo journalist named Luke O’Brien that the FBI told her I live in Berlin.


Don’t say anything nasty or troll her. I honestly just want to get to the bottom of this. Just ask her the question, and report back. Screenshot everything.

You can also send her the above screenshot of this email. If he’s lying about what she said, I think she might be bothered by this.

He claims I was using a twitter account called “@goodboydoug3.” I have also never heard of this. Apparently, this person  appears to believe that I am some type of drooling retard and also a criminal mastermind. If I was living in Berlin – where working on this website could get me decades in prison – why would I leave a trail of that? I mean, if I am eluding the German police – running around with a duffelbag full of unmarked bills, fake passports and ski masks – surely I wouldn’t put “Berlin” on a Twitter account that some random journalist is able to use detective work to track, would I?

He then claims he used LexisNexis to find my listed address and send someone to my home. That is very weird, definitely abnormal. Not sure if it breaches journalistic ethnics in the way the rest of this stuff does. I have no idea what address is in LexisNexis, but I definitely don’t live at it.

And then – of course – he does the old Gavin McInnes and says “WHAT IF U R TEH FEDS????”


This is the new meme being thrown at me by the Jews. MILO also suggested I was a kike agent.

Which leads us to this question: who is this guy’s handler?

Well, he admits – or claims – that he is in contact with Yulia Ioffe. She is a member of the ADL council which has been organized against me and weev. So, they are feeding him this information. Apparently, their investigation has led them to believe I’m in Berlin.

Because of course.

Where else would a top Nazi live????

andrew anglin brandenburg

Or maybe they don’t believe that, but want to tie me to Germany, because if they could ever get me there I could be crucified.

Anyway, this was all very strange.

So I replied to the email.


lol @ this email. We wuz detectives n shit.

I have never used any fake email addresses or twitter accounts, I have never hacked anyone’s email, nor have I ever lived in Berlin. Nor would I be stupid enough to live at an address that is available in a public database. Nor have I ever engaged in any communication with federal law enforcement.

I’m not sure if your handlers are pushing this sort of nonsense on you or if you just made it up, but this is really goofy stuff.

And he responded.


Listen, I gotta ask to be fair to you. I’m just telling you what I heard about the FBI. I do trust my sources. Was the FBI lying to these people? It’s hard to imagine law enforcement doing that, but I guess anything is possible. I have the name of the agent in the SF bureau. I contacted her yesterday about this stuff. FBI called me last night at 11pm to arrange a talk today. They’re huddling up this morning and calling me later. I have no idea what they’re going to say. They might not tell me anything. But if you want me to ask them something, let me know. I will tell you what they say and give you a chance to respond.

Yeah buddy, let me just give you a list of questions to ask the FBI for me, lel.

  • How many of my multiple fake passports I use to traverse Germany do they have the names/numbers for?
  • Do they know the location of my secret bunker?
  • Do they know the password to give the midget who guards the entrance to the secret tunnel through which I access the underground Berlin bunker?

I didn’t respond to that email, and a few hours later he sent a another.


So I just talked to the FBI in SF. You are NOT under investigation, they say. They did a threat assessment after Schrode/Ioffe. Prelim step to investigation. They determined there was not enough evidence to proceed. Very sorry if I freaked you out. I was just going with what two sources told me the FBI told them. But it was secondhand, which is why I needed to ask you and talk to the feds to get a clarification.

So now no FBI investigations!

Is he lying to interviewees about statements from the FBI???

That is obviously the most likely scenario:

He called Ioffe, she started feeding him information they come-up with in their research on behalf of the ADL council and told him to approach me with it. When I responded with “wtf are you talking about, m8?” he called up the ADL council and they were like “SHUT IT DOWN SHUT IT DOWN TELL HIM NO INVESTIGATIONS IT’S JUST A MISUNDERSTANDING SOMEHOW.” So he sent the “yeah bro the FBI just called me, they’ve arranged a special meeting to try and figure out what to tell me” email. Then waited to send the follow-up.

I do think it likely that he himself indulged the bit about Ioffe being the source of the claim that I’m in Berlin. I think probably she told him to say anonymously that someone told him that and he got confused.

But the accusations of hacking definitely came from the ADL. As well as the fake Twitter account bit. And the idea of sending someone to one of my alleged addresses. Remember, Mark Pitcavage of the ADL is the one who sent a local journalist to film my mother’s house and put it on TV.


Mark Pitcavage, Jewish serial stalker and fattest-ever man with late-stage HIV-AIDS

These people are apparently not especially clever. This was some kind of attempt to entrap me.

Whatever the details of this are, this is a very peculiar way to do journalism. And if he is lying about the communications with the FBI – and the TRUMPLAND AGENTS reading this will know if he is – then he has probably just ruined his career, and may in fact have broken the law. I would just assume that there are laws about misrepresenting information from federal law enforcement, especially when you are doing it in a professional capacity for the apparent purpose of trying to extract information from an interviewee, in the context of trying to get them to accidentally confess to a crime on behalf of an tax-exempt 501(c)(3) that functions as a private intelligence agency.

Ah well.

You can ask the Huffington Post editorial team if it is their policy to have their journalists cooperate with private intelligence agencies and push their agendas through blatantly falsified statements from federal officials, things they just made up, etc. for the purpose of framing interviewees for crimes they did not commit.


Huffington Post editorial team


Tweet them the screenshots. Just see what they’re thinking.

It will be funny if the Huffington Post actually does print this story from this whackjob. Because this article is going to be on Google forever.


I know there will be people like “ANGLIN YOU IDIOT DON’T EVER TALK TO THE KIKE MEDIA.” But I have not given this person any information I didn’t want to give him. And I ended up with this great story, documenting the unfathomable ethical violations and possibly illegal behavior of a Huffington Post journalist.

We now have more evidence of mainstream journalists colluding with special interest groups in order to push a subversive political agenda.

They think they’re investigating us.

Also, sometimes talking to journalists can lead to entertaining outcomes.

Just check this article for more on that phenomenon.

UPDATE: His article has been printed. I might write about it. He says I’m in Berlin. I might explain the troll behind that at some point in the future. Or you might just be able to figure it out yourself.