Dictionary Definition Searches That Trended During and After the Debate

Merriam-Webster has released a list of words that trended on their site before and after Tuesday night’s presidential debate.

It’s probably notable that there is a control factor here for people who actually go to a dictionary website to look up the definition of a word, and in particular the kind of people who would go to Merriam-Webster.com, given that it is a rather terrible option for this.

Here’s a protip: When I want a more expansive definition of a word, I type “define:[word]” into the search bar. Every search engine has this function. Google uses Oxford (which is the best) and DuckDuckGo uses the American Heritage Dictionary (which is still better than Merriam-Webster). The last time I was at Merriam-Webster.com, they didn’t even have the thesaurus on the same page as the dictionary; you had to go to a different page to see the thesaurus.

All Apple products have an Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus built into them, and you can install that feature on Linux and Android, where you right-click to have a pop-up give the definition. Windows has options for that as well. I can’t imagine not having easy and constant access to a dictionary and thesaurus.

Point being: the people who go to the .com website of a dictionary to find the definition of a word are mostly likely morons or boomers.

This is further understood by the fact that the reason “logorrhea” was trending was that Rachel Maddow used it.

That’s not on the list, but it’s on the Merriam-Webster front page right now. It’s a gross sounding word. The “rrhea” is obviously the same as diarrhea. Then you see it is “logos” on the front of the word. I knew this word, but it’s reasonable to look it up, I think.

The rest of these words – not so much. Unless people speak English as a second language, this is just terrible.

I think many of us who are not normies don’t really grasp how stupid normies actually are. You might meet one, and walk away thinking “wow, that guy is dumb.” But we don’t realize that they’re all dumb. They don’t know what a moderator is.

How can these people be expected to vote if they don’t know what Antifa is?

And here’s the thing: do you think such a person would be outraged if they weren’t told they need to vote? Or would they feel relieved that the government of their country doesn’t expect people who work at McDonald’s to decide the course of the nation?

But here’s the good part.

That is a tweet for the ages.