Diabolical Trickster Elon Musk Pushes for Implementation of His Driverless Semi-Trucks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2017

Elon Musk said he was going to save the planet. But so far, it looks like his only life accomplishment might be giving your job to a robot and making you life on welfare.


I am not against automation.

I am in fact very pro-automation.

However, I am certainly against employing driverless semi-trucks before we’ve had any type of discussion as to what is going to happen to the 3.5 million drivers presently employed in that industry when their jobs just vanish.

I am also against Elon Musk, and with him running this operation these trucks are likely to just explode before they leave the garage.

If we’re going to automate – and we obviously are – then we need to start talking about the foundations of our economic system.

When there are no more jobs, the “capitalist” kooks will no longer be able to go out there and claim that white Americans are simply lazy for being unwilling to sacrifice quality of life in order to compete with all of these low-IQ foreign imports. Because they won’t be competing with foreign imports anymore. They won’t be competing with anything. There just won’t be anymore jobs.

We need to have a collective discussion about public ownership of these technologies.

I am the furtherest possible thing from a communist – but what the hell else are you going to do? How can you allow private companies to have a monopoly on free labor simply because they happened to have been lucky enough to have had the money to invest in it when it was being invented?


Tesla Inc is developing a long-haul, electric semi-truck that can drive itself and move in “platoons” that automatically follow a lead vehicle, and is getting closer to testing a prototype, according to an email discussion of potential road tests between the car company and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), seen by Reuters.

Meanwhile, California officials are meeting with Tesla on Wednesday “to talk about Tesla’s efforts with autonomous trucks,” state DMV spokeswoman Jessica Gonzalez told Reuters.

The correspondence and meeting show that Tesla is putting self-driving technology into the electric truck it has said it plans to unveil in September, and is advancing toward real-life tests, potentially moving it forward in a highly competitive area of commercial transport also being pursued by Uber Technologies Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Waymo.

After announcing intentions a year ago to produce a heavy-duty electric truck, Musk tweeted in April that the semi-truck would be revealed in September, and repeated that commitment at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in June, but he has never mentioned any autonomous-driving capabilities.

Tesla has been a leader in developing self-driving technology for its luxury cars, including the lower-priced Model 3, which it is beginning to manufacture.

Several Silicon Valley companies developing autonomous driving technology are working on long-haul trucks. They see the industry as a prime early market for the technology, citing the relatively consistent speeds and little cross-traffic trucks face on interstate highways and the benefits of allowing drivers to rest while trucks travel.

lol yeah.

They’re just going to be keeping the drivers employed as passengers.

This is the kind of thing these people will tell you with a straight face.

That is the nature of the kike.

Some companies also are working on technology for “platooning,” a driving formation where trucks follow one another closely. If trucks at the back of the formation were able to automatically follow a lead vehicle, that could cut the need for drivers.

An email exchange in May and June between Tesla and Nevada DMV representatives included an agenda for a June 16 meeting, along with the Nevada Department of Transportation, to discuss testing of two prototype trucks in Nevada, according to the exchange seen by Reuters.

To insure we are on the same page, our primary goal is the ability to operate our prototype test trucks in a continuous manner across the state line and within the States of Nevada and California in a platooning and/or Autonomous mode without having a person in the vehicle,” Tesla regulatory official Nasser Zamani wrote to Nevada DMV official April Sanborn. He made no reference to any dates for potential road tests.

Without having a person in the vehicle.

But these technologies are really just being developed to make truck drivers’ lives easier, goyim.

Sort of like how all cars still have a horse running out in front of them. Even though the car drives itself, we’ve kept the tradition of a horse in front, all of these years.

It will be just like that.

Cars never put a single horse out of work.

No companies yet have tested self-driving trucks in Nevada without a person in the cab. On July 10, Zamani inquired further to the Nevada DMV about terms for a testing license, an email seen by Reuters shows.

Tesla declined to comment on the matter, referring Reuters to the previous statements by Musk, who has discussed the truck in tweets and at the annual shareholder meeting.

Nevada officials confirmed the meeting with Tesla had occurred and said that Tesla had not applied for a license so far. They declined to comment further.


Musk is going to pull this off. It will be the first accomplishment of his life that doesn’t involve ripping people off by tricking them into spending money on something worthless.

All it takes is one successful driverless on-the-road test, and the jig is up.

Within 18 months, all truck drivers will be laid off.

That’s 3.5 million people who I’m going to go ahead and guess probably don’t have very many useful skills.

So, what.

They go on welfare?

While private companies keep the money that they would have spent on their salaries?

Does that make sense to anyone?

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