Diabolical Orange Individual Mocks the Mutant Retard Messiah

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 13, 2019

Say what you want about the orange man, but this is solid advice.

Greta should be acting like a normal teenager.

A good old fashioned movie with a friend would be nice.

She could gossip about music, and boys.

Except I doubt she could sit still through a movie without having a panic attack.

And she can’t much be thinking about boys, because she is a mutant freak, a weird androgynous and asexual being.

She is nearly 17, but she is hardly larger than a raccoon, and she has not gone through puberty.

Being 17, being that size, and having not entered puberty should be cause for serious alarm. This creature has some kind of serious medical condition, clearly.

Yet no alarm bells are sounding, other than the false alarm bells of some Kevin Costner Waterworld bullshit.

(Btw, if/when Waterworld does happen, it will be a extension of the pornography legalization battle, and I’m gonna be the Dennis Hopper character and Ethan Ralph will be the Kevin Costner character, captain save-a-hoe, drinking urine from a machine because he can process urine in a machine but can’t figure out how to process sea water in a machine, and being all like “I’ve seen some dry land in my time. Uh I… I love a palm tree, coconut palm trees and beach- sandy beaches and seashells on a dry land. Uh that is hot stuff, you can get that at- at a number of different coordinates.”)

I am beginning to believe the theory that Greta is an ancient demonic creature which has taken the form of a child.

Why does this girl from 1898 literally look exactly like here?

It seems plausible that she is an immortal demon that roams the earth in this mutant child form and works with the Jews to perform various evil acts on the Christian people of earth.

What else other than being an ancient demon creature could explain the vitriolic rage this raccoon-sized retard is capable of expressing?

What else could explain the creature’s physical form?

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