Diabolical Black Cop Threatens Autistic White Boy

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 27, 2017

This is what happens when you put Blacks in charge of your kids, White man.

Who hasn’t throw a book or two at a teacher?

Uh, okay, I’ll have to admit that’s pretty hardcore.

But still. This kid is autistic. Does it make any sense to have him be abused by rampaging Negro cops instead of giving him the psychological support he needs?

The niggercop in question.

This wouldn’t even be happening if we didn’t have Jews running our society. In fact, I’m gonna go ahead and blame the Jews for autism as well, as I’m sure they had something to do with it somehow.

Daily Mail:

A Florida deputy was fired from his job of 22 years after he was caught threatening and verbally abusing a 13-year-old autistic boy.

Officer Ural Darling, who worked in part with Osceola Middle School, reportedly taunted Evan Dowdy the afternoon of May 15 after he was called to assist in sending the child to the behavioral specialist office for throwing a textbook at a teacher.

To be fair, abusing kids is the only way Blacks know of to raise children.

Specialist Marge Aspell and the officer walked the boy out of the classroom and down the hall, when Darling became infuriated and tried to reprimand the boy using inappropriate and intimidating warnings.

The video released by the sheriff’s office shows Darling whip out handcuffs and tell Evan to put his hands behind his back in a mimicked arrest. He also threatened to put the child in a mental hospital if he did not cooperate.

The entire episode, Darling can be heard yelling loudly as the boy cries.

Darling asked Evan, ‘This is what you’ve been wanting, right?’ while demanding he get up against the wall and menace to throw books at him. The sheriff yelled out, ‘How ’bout if I throw books at you?!’

You gon’ get it now, boy!

In a way, that Black cop was only doing what made sense to him. After all, that autistic White boy was behaving like any normal Black boy would, acting out and throwing things at teachers. The cop knew that the only effective way to deal with that behavior in niglets is with threats and beatings.

He just didn’t have the mental capacity to understand that if White kids behave this way, it’s because of some kind of neurological disorder, instead of just being Black.

This is why it makes absolutely no sense to have alien races taking care of our kids. They have no cultural or biological frame of reference to understand our behavior and deal with it appropriately.

But the same is also true of the reverse; Blacks schools would probably be a lot more effective if they had Negro teachers administering regular beatings on the rowdier kids.