Diablo 4 Announced, Trailers Released: More Forced Diversity, Gamer Abuse

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2019

Blizzard Entertainment has officially announced Diablo 4.

Here’s the cinematic trailer:

Here’s a gameplay trailer:

It looks good.

Of course it looks good. They’re not going to release something that doesn’t look good.

But listen, lads: there is a 90% chance that it will not be good. The odds are that it is going to be some ultra-political bullshit (probably also with all kinds of technical problems, because of all of the diversity hires inside the actual studio).

It’s one of my favorite franchises, so what else could actually happen to it?

“Everything I love will burn,” they told me.

Pillars of Eternity 2 – which was basically Baldur’s Gate 4 – was an absolute nigger-fest.

I haven’t even played The Outer Worlds yet – which is marketed as New Vegas 2 – but I am hearing that it is nothing but niggers, dykes and dyke niggers. Apparently the default character is literally a black lesbian. Literally.

And look: you see the nigger main character in that cinematic trailer – but also a lot of white guys, right? And that nigger in the trailer, well, he could just be a slave from a pirate ship leading around those white guys or something, right? And plus, that’s just an opening cinematic, not showing actual game characters, right?

Well. From the art released, Diablo 4 is purposefully totally lacking white men.

The three classes:

Here are closeups:

I don’t even think the woman there is white.

And hey – even Diablo himself is now a woman!

To be fair, a female demon-lord wouldn’t bother me, because that is of course a real thing, but in context, this feels like just another male character being replaced, does it not?

This is gamer abuse.

And it is absolute evidence that it is high time for gamers to rise up.

If we wish to be free, we are going to have to establish our own republic.

When we gain power and finally raise the black flag of the Republic of Gamers, they will know that the end is near.

That’s why I encourage you all to climb aboard the Rape Train.