DHS Warns of Incoming Pogroms Against the Jews

Based yids woke on the WQ. Also, this is all Jews.

Why are they issuing this warning now?

You’d think that with tensions in Palestine having died down, Moslems would be less likely to attack Jews.

Yahoo! News:

The Department of Homeland Security is warning law enforcement about increasing attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions, prompted at least in part by the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas.

DHS called the uptick in antisemitic attacks and current heightened threat environment “an ongoing public safety concern” and urged local, state and tribal partners to watch out for potential flash points that could turn violent, according to a public safety notification issued by DHS and obtained by Yahoo News.

The alert, issued Thursday, asks law enforcement to prepare for violence and to promptly report suspicious activity potentially related to domestic violent extremism.

“DHS has received reports of alleged criminal incidents of assault against Jewish individuals, and acts of vandalism, property damage, and other potential hate crime incidents directed against Jewish facilities, reportedly motivated at least in part by the conflict between Israel and Hamas,” says the notification, which is marked “for official use only.”

“Law enforcement and public safety partners should be alert to these concerns and any potential flash points, which risk an escalation to violence,” the DHS alert says.

Everyone should remember: the feds pay people to go all over the internet encouraging unhinged people to commit acts of random violence against minorities. This is something that is well understood, and which they’ve been repeatedly caught doing.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some such fed-organized right-wing attack on the way – especially after the failure of the bill for a “911 commission style inquiry” into the events of January 6.

This “white supremacist QAnon Donald Trump secret army” narrative is clearly important to these people, and it is starting to wear a bit thin.

It always makes me nervous when the feds come out and warn against “impending violence.”

Atomwaffen was also back in the news recently, with VICE News claiming that “The Base” has reformed under the leadership of the “former” CIA agent (who still has an active CAGE code), Rinaldo Nizzaro.

VICE informs us that somehow, despite pressure from the FBI, this group run by the CIA guy with the CAGE code has resumed recruitment.

Despite the fact that this is literally a terrorist organization and a satanic death cult which has been linked to at least 6 deaths, the FBI can’t keep them from recruiting – it’s all a mystery.

Atomwaffen/The Base/etc. was obviously set up to do violence in the United States that could be blamed on normal white people, and that didn’t ever really work out. But if the FBI is allowing them to operate again, you have to wonder what is going on, exactly.

Anyway – there is nothing you can do other than stay the hell away from weird people from the internet. And get out of the city.