DHS Claims That Americans are Terrorists, Planning Attacks

“Exponential” is a word that is used regularly in the wrong manner, just as the word “literally” is used in the wrong manner. Few things truly involve “exponential growth.”


The growth of a bacterial colony is often used to illustrate it. One bacterium splits itself into two, each of which splits itself resulting in four, then eight, 16, 32, and so on. The rate of increase keeps increasing because it is proportional to the ever-increasing number of bacteria. Growth like this is observed in real-life activity or phenomena, such as the spread of virus infection, the growth of debt due to compound interest, and the spread of viral videos. In real cases, initial exponential growth often does not last forever, instead slowing down eventually due to upper limits caused by external factors and turning into logistic growth.

The development of technology increases exponentially, which is one of the things that makes it very difficult to deal with.

Right now, oppression is developing “exponentially,” by the real definition of the term.

Perhaps, however, it would be more accurate to say: “liberty and freedom are experiencing an exponential decline.”

White Americans have officially been labeled “terrorists” by the Department of Homeland Security, and they are claiming they expect them to start committing attacks.

Frankly, I don’t totally disagree that people are going to start freaking out. However, I certainly disagree with labeling it “terrorism,” and I would also make the very clear point that the reason this will start happening is that the government wants it to happen. This is why they banned everyone from the internet, and deleted Parler: they want people to feel as though they’re locked in boxes, and don’t have any way to express their anger over what’s happened.

I don’t think there is any reason that the government would behave as it is behaving right now unless their goal was to create political violence. This then will be used to justify a further crackdown on freedom, and so on it goes.

For those who don’t know, it has been an agenda of the Jews to create something called “domestic terrorist groups” as a category, but this was continually ruled to be a direct violation of the First Amendment, as it would infringe on speech.

Now, apparently, following the supposed “insurrection” on 1/6, they are just deciding that domestic terrorism is a thing, without bothering to create a new law saying it is.