Deutsche Bank Cutting Ties with President Trump Because He’s a Terrorist

The terrorist mastermind Donald “The Donald” Trump is much worse than ISIS. While the terrorist group ISIS is not good, they never messed with our podiums.

The terroristic mastermind Donald came for our podiums, and thus his treatment will be much worse than that of any other terrorist ever in history.


Deutsche Bank will not do business in the future with U.S. President Donald Trump or his companies in the wake of his supporters’ assault on the U.S. Capitol, the New York Times reported.

Deutsche Bank is Trump’s biggest lender, with about $340 million in loans outstanding to the Trump Organization, the president’s umbrella group that is currently overseen by his two sons, according to Trump’s disclosures with the U.S. Office of Government Ethics dated July 31 last year, plus banking sources.

The move, reported by the NYT and citing a person familiar with the bank’s thinking, comes as Signature Bank – where Trump’s ethics disclosures show he has checking and money-market accounts – called for him to step down.

“The resignation of the president … is in the best interests of our nation and the American people,” Signature Bank said on its website.

A spokesman for Deutsche Bank declined to comment on Tuesday on the NYT report.

The Trump Organization did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment outside normal business hours, and the White House press office did not answer the phone.

Christiana Riley, the head of Deutsche Bank’s U.S. operations, condemned the Jan. 6 violence in Washington in a post on LinkedIn last week.

“We are proud of our Constitution and stand by those who seek to uphold it to ensure that the will of the people is upheld and a peaceful transition of power takes place,” she wrote.

Our Constitution was built to sustain endless terrorism in order to protect our podiums.

Those are our values.

It’s who we are.

Trump messed with the wrong podium.

Now, he’s going to be stripped of all his wealth, and, presumably, thrown in prison.

Our democracy remains strong, and our podiums are totally secure, eternally.