“Deus Vult” Warcry Possibly Banned by Swedish Paradox Studios!

Roy Batty and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2019

What in God’s name are these video game journalists up to this time?

Dare I say it?

Folks, this feels like Gamergate. Gamergate 2.0, even.

Ethics are being violated once again. Please, someone needs to get Sargon of Akkad on the line ASAP – he was last seen somewhere in the vicinity of the EU, demanding that Jean-Claude Junker disavow Anita Sarkeesian on Twitter or something.

The last known picture of Carl.

We need him now more than ever because they’re trying to mess with our video games again!

The term “Deus Vult” – Latin for “God Wills It” – is officially being banned from Paradox Studio’s Crusader Kings… because unethical gaming journalists believe this term is pure evil.


In the years since CK2’s release, “Deus Vult” – an eleventh century crusader battlecry – has become a vile meme beloved of racists on the internet. I asked how Paradox’s community team felt about this, and was told emphatically that the words will not appear in Crusader Kings 3. That’s refreshing, but in a game set during a time of conflicts fetishised by modern fascists, it’s the tip of the iceberg. I’ll be writing more about how Paradox are handling the political sensitivities of making a game about the crusades, and how they’re handling the representation of non-European cultures, in the weeks to come.

Who is this RockPaperShotgun “journalist” making these demands, asks ye?

That would be “Nate Crowley.”

This guy:

So, exactly the person you thought it was.

Exactly the person that Sargon swore to stop, and didn’t do so well at stopping.

Deus Vult was an objectively funny meme that everyone enjoyed.

There was no point in trying to ruin everyone’s fun.

Because the fact of the matter is that without the Deus Vult meme, there really is no point in playing a realistic medieval strategy game. In fact, pretty much every single guy on the internet making Deus Vult memes was a fan of Crusader Kings II as well as Medieval II Total War, possibly Mount and Blade II and, of course, Kingdom of Heaven and Arn – The Knight Templar.

These are staples of the Deus Vult world.

To remove Deus Vult from these games is to treat the audience with seething contempt and to then reap a whirlwind of angry comments and cancelled pre-orders.

Luckily, because the studio is Swedish, bullying and social shaming works very well on Paradox and their developers. After being shamed by the fat cuck, they’ve now been reverse shamed by their fans, and have released an update saying they might not actually totally remove this historically accurate phrase from their game.

Update – Henrik Fåhraeus offered this comment: “I feel like this issue has been miscommunicated thus far. We have not specifically considered which terms are used in the game apart from making sense in the historical context. The team will decide how any text fits or does not fit into CK3 in a way that feels appropriate.”

We call that back-pedaling, gamers and gents.

The gamers rose up and spoke together, loud and clear – “give us ‘Deus Vult’ or give us death!”