Detroit’s Nazis Make the News

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 23, 2014

This segment from the local news in Detroit is less than moving, in either direction.  It leaves you feeling mostly bored.

Why does Jeff Schoep have such a hard time answering the question “are you an Antisemite?”

Definition of Antisemitism

It seems the proper answer to that question, to be delivered without flinching is either “yes” or “obviously.”  You could also say “uh – duuhhh.” He was not asked if he thought every people had a right to their own homeland.

I don’t mean to attack Jeff.  I understand that it is a lot of pressure to get interviewed by these people.  I also understand there is a line of thought which follows that it is better to be as non-offensive as possible when dealing with the public.  I disagree with this, fundamentally, as the people find extremism a lot more exciting than skirting questions.  And it seems to me if you are literally going to dress up like a Nazi and wave a Swastika flag, you are even more obliged to be upfront about your positions.

Jeff succeeded, I think, in not coming cross as offensive.  And I guess that was what he was trying to do.  It is hard to walk away from that clip being scared of the boogieman Nazis.  But it is also hard to walk away feeling his group is particularly interesting.

And Rocky didn’t even want to do the interview?  Why would you not want an interview with the media?

The whole thing is just a bit disparaging.  I am not a neo-Nazi.  It made pretty good sense in Rockwell’s day, when the actual NSDAP had only been destroyed a bit over a decade earlier.  But now, it is all of this is a bit played out.  What I am interested in is a popular people’s movement.  Which I don’t think anyone in any “Nazi” group actually believes they are going to be. Clearly, the best way to go about this is to be normal, and speak frankly.  Dressing up in costumes is not being normal, and trying to present yourself as totally peaceful and reasonable by modern liberal standards is not being frank.

People want something they can connect to.  Though it would be difficult to be offended by Schoep, it would be even more difficult for the average American to picture themselves dressing up in a NSDAP uniform and giving a straight-arm salute.  It was the same thing with Craig Cobb – most White Americans who have been subject to force integration by this HUD diversification program understand, quite well, that it would be much better to live around only White people.  But they don’t want to spray paint Swastikas on their homes or drunkenly shout profanities at town meetings.

All of the “White power” stuff is unnecessary and alienating to normal people.  It is much more appealing to say “come on, this is ridiculous.” Normal people can recognize the situation as ridiculous. 

I consider myself a pretty normal person.  I did not grow up hating black people, and still don’t.  I didn’t ever much care for Jews, but I have hung out with them, and not judged them until they deserved to be.  I have developed a view of the world which is not “radical,” it is simply an objective evaluation of the situation.  And I can say what I believe, honestly, without any need to soften it, because the facts speak for themselves, and with liberalism so extreme, and the popular “right” taking a hard left, people are ready to hear them.

As it stands, the Daily Stormer is dramatically more influential than the NSM and the ANP combined, and yet here sits Commander Anglin, without a single media outlet ringing him up.