Detroit: Negroid Music Festival Backtracks on Plan to Charge Whites Double Admission

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2019

This is what Afrofuture looks like. 

I’m pretty sure that even in this current political climate, you could get sued for civil rights violations for telling white people they have to pay extra to get into a music festival.

Someone must have telt dees niggas dat der be da law n shit, and dey be tell u shit.

New York Times:

An upcoming Detroit music festival that originally charged white people double the admission that it charged people of color has changed its pricing structure.

The festival, Afrofuture Fest, initially charged people of color $20 and “non-POC” $40, according to the ticketing details on its Eventbrite page early Sunday. Now all tickets will be $20.

The decision to change course came after threats and harassment, said Adrienne Ayers, who goes by Numi and is the founder and co-director of Afrofuture Youth. She said that after right-wing websites highlighted the pricing, people called and harassed the owner of the venue, and sent messages to her co-director’s family.

“For safety, not anything else but that, the new ticket structure will be a standard set price across the board of $20,” Ms. Ayers said Sunday afternoon. “However, there will be a suggested donation for non-people of color.”

It definitely was something other than that.

Eventbrite was even going to ban them if they didn’t change the policy – presumably for legal, rather than political reasons. If these niggas got sued, they could get dragged into the process for hosting their shakedown.

Even a negress rapper named “Tiny Jag” pulled out of the event over the shakedown scheme.

That bitch right there was like “yo dawg, das fugged up.”

Even blacks don’t want to be associated with this weird kike bullshit.

Ayers is some kind of mulatto, and they are the most obsessed with this creepy Jew nonsense.

She might even be half-kike.

Ms. Ayers said the previous price structure was created because “events often designed for marginalized black and brown communities can easily be co-opted by those with cultural, monetary and class privileges.”

“Our goal is to ensure that the youth of our community can participate in the building of a more just society, one that specifically promotes equity over equality,” she added.

Fifty percent of the profits from the Aug. 3 festival, which will take place at Detroit’s Feedom Freedom farm, will go toward Afrofuture Youth, a sponsored program of the nonprofit Allied Media Projects.

The program focuses on young black people in Detroit, and aims to give middle- and high-school students the space and resources to build a “new, more equitable world,” according to its website. Ms. Ayers said the program currently benefits 10 children.

The festival is expected to attract at least 200 people, and as of Sunday had sold 71 tickets, Ms. Ayers said. She said that all 13 tickets initially set aside for white people were sold.

“There were a lot of white people who were telling us they didn’t mind paying extra,” she said. “Quite a few.”

Yeah, I can believe that.

White people are cucked AF.

Especially the type of white people who would be interested in attending this bullshit.

All this having been said, I can respect them wanting to keep white people out of their event.

There was a place I liked to go to when I was a kid, and they started having “hip-hop night” once a week and I accidentally showed up there once and felt like this:

I quickly exited, as it was clear I was not welcome.

The issue I would take with this is that blacks invade all of our events, which is why white people had to invent techno music in the first place – to keep these people out.