Detroit: Mailman Screams in Agony During Pit Bull Attack

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 26, 2019

Pit bulls are the negroes of the dog realm.

This is one of the reasons only negroes are stupid enough to keep pit bulls at their homes as pets.

Daily Mail:

This is the moment a Michigan postal worker was attacked by a vicious dog while making his rounds.

The terrifying attack was caught on camera by a driver who was able came to the mailman’s aid after he was bitten and then knocked to the ground by the relentless animal.

The incident happened Friday afternoon in Detroit on the city’s west side as the mail carrier was making his deliveries.

In a video posted to Facebook, the dog can be seen attacking the 52-year-old man’s foot and ankle while a woman who came out from a nearby house hit the animal with a broom.  

The man recording the video then got out of his car to intervene and grabbed nearby a trash can which he hurled at the dog, but it seemed to make little difference as the attack continued.

The man raced back to his car to grab other objects with which to curb the dog’s assault including a spatula, and even a heavy metal steering wheel lock – but the dog continued to maul the postman who was unable to fend off the animal.  

The dog eventually let go of the postal worker but then decided to charge at one of the neighbors who was forced to run back indoors.

By the end of the video, the dog appears to be severely injured from all of the blows it sustained.

Pit bulls are dangerous and breaking off a pit bull attack is also dangerous. What these blacks did could have backfired horribly if the dog had released the mailman’s ankle and chosen a different target instead.

So how do you stop a dog attack? The first thing to know about stopping dog attacks is that you should try to avoid stopping dog attacks. Dogs can mess you up. If the attack is none of your business, try not to engage.

But if you absolutely have to engage… here’s one way to do it that doesn’t require a collar nor getting close to the dog’s mouth.

If it’s a dog attacking a person, you can go behind the dog and grab its back legs, you lift them up in the air and start walking backwards until the dog releases the person. Once the dog released the person, you don’t let go of the dog because it could attack you in the heat of the moment and chances are the other people involved won’t know how to break up the attack, so you keep walking backwards and turn in circles (always keeping yourself behind the dog) to force the dog to see the surroundings and stop thinking about biting people. You have to do it fast so the dog doesn’t have time to turn around and bite you.

Once it is calmed down, you can release, but don’t run, as that may trigger another attack.

Obviously don’t scream at the dog while you have its back legs in your hand, and don’t let other people attack the dog while you’re doing that. The dog has to calm down before you release it.

When it’s a dog fight… it’s trickier, especially if your dog is involved or you want to save one, because as soon as you lift the back legs of one of the dogs up and start doing the “walking backwards and in circles” thing, the other dog gains an immense advantage and could give the dog you’re grabbing a deadly bite. Ideally, two people would be around to break up the fight so each could grab a dog, but in the cases where you’re alone and you want to break up a dog fight without casualties, you’ll have to choose the strongest dog and hope the other doesn’t kill it while you’re grabbing its legs.

So… what if you want to break the fight but the dog is too dangerous for you to release once you grabbed its back legs?

Swing it by its legs and slam it against the ground or walls until it dies.

Or, you know, if you live in America, just carry a gun with you.