Detroit Lions Quarterback’s Wife Issues Forced Apology After Calling Ultra-Cunt a Dictator

When people say “we’ve never seen anything like this in America” they’re not even getting at the heart of it.

Frankly, no one, ever, in the entire history of the world, has seen anything like this. North Koreans are not trapped in their houses. Never in history has a government shut down all businesses and trapped people in their houses. It is an entirely new concept.

It is actually fascinating that people are tolerating this.

The wife of the Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has been condemned by elitist Twitter leftists for taking to Instagram and calling out the Michigan lockdown initiated by the Ultra-Cunt Governor Cuntlips McCuntface.

After being scolded by the heralds of the managerial class (journalists), Kelly Stafford backed down and apologized. But her words continue to hang in the air. She said the actual fact that there is zero chance that small businesses are going to be able to make it through this new brutal round of shutdowns.

“I’m going to be very blunt: I’m so over it. I’m over living in a dictatorship that we call Michigan,” Stafford said. “I understand there’s a pandemic, and I understand it’s very scary. I’m scared of it, too. If you’re at risk, do not leave your house until there’s a vaccine.”

“Once we are able to leave our house, once this dictatorship decides to let us have some freedom, there will be nothing left,” she added.

This may be the most intelligent thing a woman has ever said.

But basically, everyone is seeing now what I told you was going to happen: every single small business is going under.

This is not a bug of the lockdown – it’s the point of it.

There is no public health crisis. Many countries have refused to lock down, and they haven’t seen spikes in deaths. It’s quite possible that the lockdown increases deaths.

People started talking about Stafford’s mansion.

Obviously, the context of her comments were about small businesses. Presumably, like most sports stars and their wives, she comes from a normal middle class background, and still has that identity, still cares for those people, regardless if it’s going to affect her money.

But this kind of gets to the point, doesn’t it?

What good is it to live in a mansion, if you can’t go outside? It’s just a gilded cage. Unless you’re a Jeff Bezos, where you’re completely disconnected from the population already and want nothing to do with society, as you go to your private parties in your private jet, then a trillion dollars couldn’t replace what this lockdown is taking from us.

Not dissimilar to a familiar Bible verse.

We are giving our souls for this hoax. Even if we can make it through it financially, we’ve lost something intangible. Many intangible things, in fact – not the least of which is our basic human dignity.

Look at this:

Only a black bitch is actually stupid enough to say “we have to sacrifice liberty for safety.”

Because a lot of us, millennials and older at least, still remember middle school social studies class.

Here’s the apology that Stafford issued after deleting her original video in the standard hurried attempt to appease the seemingly incalculable number of people who were mad at her on the internet. (The system understands that when a mob of people attack you on the internet, the psychological reaction is very strong, as people feel like a mob has just broken into their house and started yelling at them.)


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Freedom is the foundation of Western society.

We’ve sacrificed all of it, and are now at a point that no complacent Asian would tolerate.

Seriously, this isn’t some kind of exaggeration: if the people of North Korea were subjected to the conditions we are currently subjected to, they would overthrow the government.

In fact: right now, as you are subjected to this weird oppression, North Koreans are going about life normally, going to school, going to work, going to cultural events, seeing their friends.

Understand: no one in the history of the universe has ever been as oppressed as you are right now (or will be in a couple weeks, depending on what state you live in).

But we have to invade China because they don’t have enough freedom.