Details of Vaxxy Joe’s Door-to-Door Intimidation Campaign Revealed!

We’re got some new information about Vaxxy Joe Biden’s Vaxx Police, which he is going to be sending to the homes of the people to harass them.

This is indeed a real thing.

In fact, it isn’t actually new information – it was published by the city of Lake County, Illinois back in April. But it outlines the plan of door-to-door nagging and harassment that Joe Biden only recently revealed to the public. It appears that this was being implemented in the background for a while.

The city even did a livestream about the document, instructing their “health ambassadors” how to intimidate and menace the population.

The bizarre document gives instructions to volunteer Vaxx Cops who will be knocking on doors, telling them to ignore “no soliciting signs” and to “use the script.”

Here are the “helpful hints” to volunteer vaxx terror agents given in the document:

  • If you’re nervous, that’s ok! We all still get nervous, even if we’ve done this before.
  • You don’t need to have all the answers. If you are unsure of an answer, be honest. Tell the person asking that you are a volunteer, and you will take down their question so that a health department staff person can get them the correct answer.
  • Inform, don’t convince. Your job is to equip the person at the door with the information/resources they need to make an informed decision about their health. You are not trying to convince anyone to do something they don’t want to do.
  • Ignore no soliciting signs. You’re not soliciting! You’re offering critical information and resources. What you are doing is not illegal.
  • Knock and then back up. Follow COVID-19 distancing protocols and speak clearly. If someone is uncomfortable with you being there in person, offer to give them more distance or leave them a flyer.
  • Use your script. This will give you the basics. Once you get comfortable with it, feel free to make it sound more like you as long as all the key information is there. Make clear up front that the building has let you in and you’re from the health department.

Most mind-numbing of all, the volunteer agents of the Vaxx Regime are told to keep a list of who has been vaxxed…!

  • Report on your work! Be sure to fill out the Doorknocking Spreadsheet with the counts of who still needs a vaccine, who is already vaccinated, who needs more info, etc. This is important information that the Health Department is relying on!

Here’s the full script.

It looks like they just leave you alone if you say you’ve had the vaxx. But if you give them a name, they might put you on a list and compare it to their vaxxed list and come back for you. Part of the agenda, beyond inflicting a sense of cosmic terror at the overwhelming ability of the government to invade your personal life, could be to further the development of their lists of resistors.

Along with making it clear that everyone was going to get censored when I was getting censored, I also told you people when I was getting put on lists that everyone was going to be put on a list.

Someone once said that enemies lists are fundamentally un-American. But this has now been fully normalized. You are now a targeted person.

Obviously, if any of these Vaxx Police show up at your house, you should tell them you’ve already been vaxxed. Don’t make a political point – there’s no possible benefit of that. Just tell them to mark you down as vaxxed all up and down. You can say: “they vaxxed the shit out of me!”

Don’t let them in under any circumstances unless their Vaxx Cop uniform looks like Bad Cop Claire Redfield.

No, actually – especially don’t let them in if that’s the case.

Just say: “oh, thanks to you great vaxxers! I salute your noble crusade – may we someday all be free from the clutches of the deadly coronavirus and its variants! Hail the vaxx! Hail black people! Hail diversity!”

The document also instructs Vaxx Police how to lie to people about the risks of the vaccine, effectively telling them that there are no risks – despite the fact that this coronavirus vaxx is more deadly than every vaccine in history, combined.

Understand: there can be no explanation for this door-to-door harassment campaign than intimidation and menacing. No one in the United States is lacking in official “information” – all lies and disinformation – about the vaxx. If someone felt they needed more information, there are spam emails, spam text messages, and 24/7 vaxx indoctrination propaganda on the television. No one needs a door-to-door vaxx agent to come “inform” them.

This is meant to make people feel coerced. They are supposed to feel like the government is breathing down their necks, and will begin to really put the hard sell on them in the very near future. They want people to get the vague implication that they are being punished.

I’m sure at some point we will find out that the Vaxx Police are being told to make their list-making clear to the homeowners they are harassing – i.e., after a person consistently refuses their aggressive advances, the volunteer will say “alrighty, I’ll just put you down as a refuser on my government list of people who refuse to comply with the totalitarian government.” The obvious implication of being put on a list is that someone is coming for you. That’s what enemies lists are for!

Most people do not think about these things like we do. Most people are only vaguely aware of anything that is happening around them, and even if they watch the news or whatever, they’re just getting bits here and there that they don’t think through very much. I’m sure some of those people don’t want the vaxx, because for various reasons, it just feels wrong. But those people will be totally spooked by government agents showing up at their door. Then, if this pressure is intensified, as I’m sure it will be, and more people show up, they will just think “oh my God, it’s the vaxx people again!”

They could send in the cops next. Or they could send men in total hazmat suits.

I am frankly still shocked about the fact that they are really doing door-to-door terror campaigns. But it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Deploying the Vaxx Police to your home is simply the next phase in “we won’t take no for an answer.”

Understand: it is a process. They are going through stages that were already laid out by groups of psychologists in “exercises” like Event 201 before you even heard of a coronavirus.

No one knows what the specific stages are, but anyone who is paying attention and has the bravery to face reality knows that this is going to get very intense.

Stay strong and always lie to everyone.