Despite the Media Shutting It All Down Jewish Style, Trump Maintains Confidence

The Real President Donald Trump, winner of the 2020 election, is maintaining his composure and continuing to fight, even as the disgusting and evil Jews of the media (Christ-killers) continue to claim that the Great Usurper Joe Biden won the election.

The New York Times on Wednesday delivered what was intended to be the final word on the matter, claiming that they had talked to every state and there was no fraud.

The media is also printing completely fake news, such as the obviously false claim that the USPS whistleblower had recanted his claim that he caught his superiors back-dating mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania. That whistleblower, who is working with James O’Keefe and Project Veritas to expose the hoax, did not recant and has gone on the record asking Washington Post to issue a retraction of the claim that he recanted, and instead of doing so, the rest of the media has continued to print new articles saying he recanted.

It is completely out of control.

It used to be that fake news would:

  1. Start with a seed of truth, and twist it (virtually every story the media prints), or
  2. Make up a lie that you couldn’t disprove (the Russia hoax)

After this election, they are now going with a method of printing false stories that you can easily disprove.

Look at this:

Imagine: do you know even one single Republican who believes that Biden is now the president? I don’t know one. And I know a whole scope of people. They are saying that HALF of Republicans believe that Biden has won – this is just totally, obviously fake news. They know you know it is fake, but they are gaslighting you – instead of trying to convince you, they are attempting to make you question your own sanity.

Meanwhile, another poll shows that 75% of Republicans believe the election was a hoax.

And I don’t even believe that poll – I believe it is more like 95% that believe the poll was a hoax.

The threat is that conservatives are going to trust Fox News out of habit – despite the fact that Fox has now gone full traitor.

We need to pull out of Fox News, completely. I’m not even watching the official Fox YouTube channel to watch Tucker – I am still watching Tucker, but I’m watching pirated versions of the show from illicit YouTube uploads or if I can’t find a good one on YouTube, a torrent version (I won’t link it but there is a site called “ConCen” that you can google that has Tucker torrents up and fully seeded within 2-3 hours of the show ending).

Fox is literally collapsing their entire network in order to push a political agenda. That is how big this scam is: a network worth billions is destroying itself in order to push Joe Bidenism – or, to state that more accurately, to destroy Trumpism.

Trump himself, however, remains calm and confident that we will win.

Let’s go through his recent Twitter posts.

(Yes, Twitter is now putting warnings and censoring Trump tweets that say we will win.)

That Ingraham clip is good.

They’re not going to report the news. They will instead censor the news on Twitter.

Jon Voight killed it.



73,000,000 LEGAL VOTES!

Trump is tweeting about Dominion Voting Systems.

I’ve said ever since it came out that Dominion flipped votes in Michigan: that is our single best bet in the Supreme Court.

If Dominion is responsible for fraud in one state, and the machines were used in all of these other states – well, none of those results are valid, are they?

That is better, probably, than going after mail-in ballots, despite the fact that the mail-in ballots are also obviously a complete hoax.

This pinned tweet is the best:

Watch that when you’re feeling down and remember: this fight is not over until Joe Biden enters the White House.

And even then, we are going to keep fighting.

If that happens, we are going to vote Donald Trump as the president of the New Confederate States of America, and we are going to begin the process of secession.

Biden does not have a mandate to send in the military to put down a secession like Abraham Lincoln did: we will secede.

Remember: secession is the play either way.

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If Real President stays in office, leftist states are going to push to secede – and we will let them do so!

No matter what happens: