Des Moines: Mulatto Bitch Wins City Council Seat on BLM “Defund the Police” Platform

“Indira Sheumaker” huh?

I wonder if this bitch is Jewish?

Just joking.

I don’t wonder.

She is plainly Jewish.

Fat as hell also.

Wait. Stop. Freeze it. Enhance.

Yep. That’s uh… that’s what we got going on in Iowa, I guess.

Des Moines Register:

First-time candidate Indira Sheumaker defeated incumbent Bill Gray in the Des Moines City Council’s Ward 1 race. Gray was first elected in 2014.

Sheumaker received 46.36% of the vote, according to unofficial results from the Polk County Auditor’s Office. Gray tallied 36.32% and challenger Marcus Coenen finished with 16.82%.

“I had a lot of faith in my campaign. I had a lot of faith on my team who worked so hard. I had a lot of faith in my vision,” Sheumaker said. “But really my faith was cemented by the that we did what we set out to do … reaching out to people who hadn’t been reached out to, who hadn’t been represented.”

Sheumaker, who ran on a platform of defunding the police, is the first Black woman on the council in decades. The late Willie Glanton became the first Black Des Moines City Council member in 1985.

Sheumaker said she would not have run for office if it weren’t for her involvement in last year’s protests with the Black Liberation Movement.

“I got involved protesting, showing up to the (Iowa) Capitol, got tear-gassed … and then a lot of members from organizations and older members of the community were encouraging us to go to City Council meetings,” Sheumaker previously told the Des Moines Register.

For the record, there is no record that she’s Jewish. I have a policy of not accusing people of being Jewish, so I will say: she has a very Jew-gro face and an often Jewish last name (in America, Germans!).

They’re not going to stop this agenda. We had the largest increase in violent crime in history after the attacks on the police by the blacks, but that literally means nothing to anyone with the power to change it.

Des Moines is a city of just over 200,000 people. It was 76% white in the 2000 census, and 64% white in the 2010 census. Presumably, at this point, it is only 54% white, which is still above average for a city in this cesspit of a hellhole.