Dershowitz Throws in the Douche, Quits Impeachment Defense from Miami

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2020

Jew on Jew crime: Maximum ultra-litigiousness overload

Alan “The Dersh” Dershowitz is one of the greatest Jew lawyers of the modern era.

And Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team was very lucky to have him.

But The Dersh can’t just hang around for a week to finish this trial – he’s got to keep moving – keep moving on. Like the Tom Petty song “Last Dance with Mary Jane.”

He’s dipping out of court, but his Jew spirit will remain, lingering like a stench.


Donald Trump’s most famous and flamboyant lawyer vanished from his trial Thursday – turning up in Miami to fight back against a tidal wave of criticism for his extraordinary defense that anything a president does to get re-elected is unimpeachable.

The Harvard professor surfaced in Florida as other academics and attorneys reacted with astonishment to his position, which he then said he had never actually said.

On CNN he told Wolf Blitzer that he had a commitment in the state Thursday and it was difficult to change his flight because the Super Bowl is on this weekend in Miami.

He also complained about how CNN had reported what he said, prompting Blitzer to say: ‘We were playing what you said.’

Here’s that interview.

No wait, here it is.

Miami truly is a wonderful place, where dreams definitely come true.

But his main thrust was a rearguard action against a legal theory which Trump’s own defense spent time walking away from Thursday.

He also said that he had not been benched and that Trump’s team had ‘begged’ him to stay. 

The attorney who defended Jeffrey Epstein, OJ Simpson and Claus von Bülow’s absence from the Senate floor came after the most extraordinary moment of the question session on Wednesday.

Dershowitz delivered a stunning defense of President Donald Trump in the Senate that would essentially make it impossible to impeach a president for anything he might do to boost his reelection prospects. It was a contention quickly and forcefully denounced by a range of legal scholars and historians who said there were clear limits on presidential authority.

Dershowitz said on Thursday that his remarks have been misinterpreted, but Democrats seized on them as they pressed their case for Trump’s removal from office for tying the release of military aid to Ukraine to an investigation of his political rivals.

His starting point was the benign assertion that every politician believes his election is in the public interest, but he pivoted abruptly to Ukraine, and began to frame an argument that would rewrite most conventional understanding of the scope of presidential power.

As novel as it was, his premise in many ways tracked the views of Trump who has said he was not bound by some constitutional constraints that other presidents have readily accepted. And several Republican senators seemed to find merit in what Dershowitz said.

The person in the chamber who in other settings might have a lot to say about the matter, Chief Justice John Roberts, was instead rendered essentially a spectator as he watched the arguments play out.

If a president does something which he believes will help him get elected, in the public interest, that cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment,’ Dershowitz said Wednesday as senators put questions to Democratic House lawmakers who are prosecuting the case against Trump in the Senate and to Trump’s defense team.

I’m certain that this argument didn’t help Donald Trump.

I understand what he’s saying, and I’m sure it’s probably true. It was really clever (read: Jewish) in a way that you have to basically be in awe of. But it came across terribly.

And it was just totally unnecessary, since Donald Trump isn’t going to be removed from office. Putting out these kinds of memes about how he can just do whatever the hell he wants and no one can stop him serves no purpose.

It’s clear that he was fired. And apparently, Trump let him say that he wasn’t fired.

Get Dershed, BITCH!

You’d think that the team would have reviewed this line of defense and been like “lol, no, you can’t say that.”

But I guess that’s not how they run things in Trumpville. In Trumpville, there are no safety mechanisms, because safety mechanisms are for cowards and homos. In Trumpville, everyone just does whatever they want, without any oversight, and the consequences are dealt with using the same methods.